Europe · 8 Days · 28 Moments · July 2017

Neha's voyage : Euro 2017

28 July 2017


27 July 2017

Travelling to Antwerp from Amsterdam
Sandeman tours of Amsterdam Start with national monument for soldiers who died in WW2 Royal palace and new church (14th century) Illegal but tolerant : Amsterdam word is gedogen

26 July 2017

JOrdaan street in Amsterdam at restaurant assaggi
Cheese factory
Windmills at Zaanse schans
Clog shoes factory

25 July 2017

Kashmir lounge with Natrajan statue
Foodhallen : food court with gin and tonic bar !!
Heineken museum
Avocados galore !! Long line that moves super fast . Limited menu but great food
Enjoyed the Van Gogh museum again in Amsterdam with my 3 favs attached here The almond blossom and irisis by Van Gogh and the blue dress by another painter Kees Von dongen also did not get the picture but love the seascape

24 July 2017

Dam square, famous for its cafes the Bulldog that serves space cakes ! Tried it and it was delicious
Generator hostel ,Amsterdam Massive hostel and looks really cool. Next to a huge park : oosterpark but away from everything else . Rooms looks nice :) but so tiny
Prague to Amsterdam
Jewish cemetery where 12,000 people were buried right next to the synagogue due to shortage of space . Sometimes 12 bodies on top of each other
New town square with gothic architecture and cleaner lines There is also gold fingers strip club which the peeps went to the previous night which i missed ! The square is famous for the gathering of the Czech people against the communist party regime finally in 1968 called the Prague spring where upto half the population came out and protested . This lead to a soviet invasion in 1969. So The separate Czech Republic was created in 1969 and till 1989 after which the soviets pulled out fairly peacefully called the Velvet Revolution The Czech Republic and the Slovakia finally separated in 1993 , formerly known as Czechoslovakia
Old town square with the astronomical tower. The clock has the seasons below so 12 calendar months and the time above. It also changes time of day depending of time of year . For instance this time shows it was 14 hrs since sundown

23 July 2017

Prague castle and photos from the walk to It . Prague castle is the largest ancient castle in Europe
The girls started off on their own and then joined the boys at the club . The girls went to find a gay club called escape but alas the club was too exclusive ! The bouncer told us it's men only ! The door was also a secret coded entrance .. hmm ! The club was about 5 levels and we started at the bottom at around 12am with the whole group and made it to the top by 4:30am then back to hostel and crash !

21 July 2017

Budapest castle
Hungarian food
The parliament

20 July 2017

Szimpla Kert
Jewish quarters
Frankfurt airport senator lounge !