Sri Lanka, United Kingdom · 29 Days · 39 Moments · October 2016

Neff and Chants in Sri Lanka

15 November 2016

Made it back to London!!!!

15 November 2016


13 November 2016

It all got too much for Nick and he found the most British bar in Colombo, got smashed, and pretended to be a Syrian woman because his own life is too hard...

12 November 2016

found a food festival in Colombo. But nick was hungover so hit up Burger King instead πŸ”πŸ‘‘βœŒπŸ»οΈ

11 November 2016

More fun in the sun an nice time hik-a-do-a

9 November 2016

Back to Galle for a day

8 November 2016

Galle was nice

7 November 2016

Tried whale watching!!! Had to start at 6am and spent about 5 hours on the boat with a swell of 6ft. But we did see a whale tail...
🐳 watching in Marisa

5 November 2016

Got caught in the rain at Weligama beach, so we went and found the secret beach bar instead 🍹🌴

4 November 2016

Scooting again this time east down the coast from Mirissa to Polena beach

2 November 2016

Secret beach!!!
Back to the beach 🌊 we go !!!

1 November 2016

Some more pictures from today just because tea is great and Nick is weird 🏍
Scooters 🏍 tea β˜•οΈ and waterfalls πŸ’¦, oh and wild monkeys πŸ’ elephants 🐘 and of course dogs 🐢!!! Great day Mr Lipton we salute you that plantation was huge !!!! Good day

31 October 2016

back to the mountains to stay in Haputale for a couple of days before we go South. Only took 8 hours πŸ‘πŸ»

30 October 2016

Dinner with the locals
Neff and his new passion πŸ„πŸŒŠ didn't catch a wave though..

29 October 2016

Fuck the budget ✌🏻️
Got to the beach for 6am to watch the fishermen 🐟 🌊 ✌🏻️

28 October 2016

First evening on the beach!
To Arugam Bay πŸ„ Surf 🌊 and turf

27 October 2016

Walking 🚢 the wrong way up Ella rock !!! Got to see a different side !! Cathrine was in flip flops !!! Just like the locals now !!!! πŸ†πŸ†
Walk (*hike*) to Ella rock

26 October 2016

Ella in the evening 🍹a bit different from the other parts of Sri Lanka
Nuwara Eliya to Ella journey when Nick decided to begin his professional photography career πŸ“ΈπŸŒ΄
Heading to Ella !!! 🚊

25 October 2016

Horton plains, worlds end, and perfect weather πŸ‘πŸ»
The coldest tuktuk journey to Horton plains

24 October 2016

At Gregory Lake where we paid 1050 rupees for 2 coffees and some chips, got caught in the rain, and were followed home by dogs πŸ––β€οΈ
Turf club racecourse in Nuwara Eliya in the mountains

23 October 2016

Neff getting a hair cut in Nuwara Eliya
Food at..... super cheap and great, mild curry
Walking to Lover's Leap, Nuwara Eliya

22 October 2016

Market place, Nuwara Eliya

21 October 2016

Pinnewale elephant sanctuary, outside of kandy

20 October 2016

Kandy lake
Wales park, kandy

18 October 2016

Gatwick ✌🏻️