India · 3 Days · 5 Moments · August 2017

neethi's adventure in Jog Falls, Karnataka, I

28 August 2017

The climax So when the guards opened the gates on our request, we were still in two minds if we should go all the way down. So, it takes a descent (and later ascent) of 1400 steps to get to the bottom. If the fog would persist, we weren't sure if we would be able to view anything from the bottom as well. However, we started going down the stairs. We were the first ones to go down and we got a good 15-20 mins headstart before any other group making this journey down so very magical. We could hear multiple streams racing down with us, the birds chirping in the trees. The first glimpse of the falls and there was no stopping us. We kept stopping to take in the amazing views but our heart and feet wannted to keep racing down. Towards the end we could see the entire valley and all the gigantic falls plunging down. It was one of the most mesmerising moments of my life. Pristine nature all to myself. It made me feel so small and the magic of nature in its purest form had taken over. Sigh!

27 August 2017

Raja-Roarer-Rocket-Rani Now on to the best part of the journey. On both days there were continuous rains here which hampered the views. The fog in the valley made it impossible to see anything. So you just had to make do with just the sound of roaring water falling down the huge cliff which by itself can be very soothing. Every 30 mins or so, the fogs would clear up and for a minute, you would get a peek at these majestic falls. We went around to Raja top to get a different view as well but everything was clouded with the fog. Semi content with the brief glimpses awarded to us, we went to bed hoping the next morning we would get tad luckier. It rained incessantly all night and when I woke up at 6.30 and peered through the blinds all I got was dense fog hampering even 50meter views. We waited till 9 when they open up the gates which allow you to go all the way down to the base of the falls. When it wasn't open even at 9.10, we asked the guards and they were prompt to go get the keys.

26 August 2017

Mayura Gerusoppa Jog. This KSTDC property situated right opposite the jog falls is an amazing find. The ac rooms looked to be recently renovated. They were huge and spacious with a huge window with direct views of the jog. All this would be amazing if it was secluded from the public viewing spots and had restricted access to the general public who are there just to see the falls without staying there. In this sense, security could be a concern but nothing untoward or even inconvenient occurred to get a mention in here. Also, the restaurant/canteen for room guests is the same as for the public and hence no room service. They do however provide plates/cutlery if u need to eat food packed from the canteen. Overall it was a pleasant stay without much to complain about.
Drive from Honnavar to Jog. From Honnavar, the Jog is just ~60kms. We expected to reach in an hour's time...but...! The roads are beautiful, though single lane. However, it takes you through the thickest of the sharavathi forest. At 3 in the afternoon on a rainy day in august, it was quite foggy n had a mystical charm. The winding roads, went through such wild rainforests was like what I would expect the terrain of the Amazon to be like. There were boards to constantly remind us that this is he to the lion tailed macqauque which is an endangered species in general but found in aplenty here. We were constantly on the lookout for these creatures but unfortunately did not spot any. So, after around two hours driving, we reached our destination Mayura-Gerusoppa Jog falls. Since we reached at 3.45-4 pm on a Saturday afternoon of a long weekend, the crowds were crazy trying to enter the government property.
Every year for Ganesh chathurthi, my husband and I visit his home town near Mangalore. We have an elaborate day long celebration and most often than not for the next day plan two to three temples' visit which includes udupi annegudde all the way till idigunje post murudeshwar. Usually we drive back to Mangalore post that but this year we decided to do something different. Jog falls is around 70kms from idigunje ganesha temple. We finished darshan at around 12.30 and drove on to Honnavar which is 16kms away. We decided to stop here for lunch. Lead by ad boards we went to a restaurant 'machalee' located on the banks of the sharavathi just as you enter the town. We could have had a beautiful view for lunch if not for the continuous rains. Anyway, irrespective of the view, the food was quite sumptuous. We had a sea food Thali with extra fish fry and a prawns biryani, all for just rs 400. Post the satisfying meal, braced ourselves for our next stop - the one and only Jog falls!