India · 3 Days · 10 Moments · September 2017

neethi's adventure in Badami, Karnataka, Indi

4 September 2017

3 September 2017

Day 2 - Pattadakal Post the run, we tested for a while before we headed out to see Pattadakal. We took around 20 mins to cover the 22 Kms from badami. Aihole was the first captial of the Chalukya empire in the 5th century. It was then moved to badami and from there they created the temples of Pattadakal in in the 7th century with better expertise. The beauty of this site is that the same complex has 10 temples of both south Indian and north Indian architecture. The ruins are xyremly beautiful , photogenic and very well maintained as this one is a UNESCO world heritage site. We hired a guide for 300rs which was worth it. We saw some interesting stuff in the inscriptions such as drunk woman, interesting stories of Mahabharata/Ramayana , the snake/mangoose and monkey/crocodile stories etc..very interesting how old these stories are..after spending 2 hrs here, we headed back to badami had lunch at our favourite savaji and then left for Blr. Next time it's going to be a longer trip for sure
The race We had dinner the same day at another hotel recommended by the afternoon guide called Krishna heritage. The food was so so. We had a couple of rice items ( to make up for good carbs needed for the race morning;-)) and went to sleep quite early by 9.30-10.00. Race was at 6.15 and we were there by 6. We had no idea what to expect in terms of the route. There were ~30 people there for 5,10 and 21k. We were running the 10k. The route was steep uphill to the fort and all the way to the mahakoota temples. It's was mostly a rocky and stone filled path -apparently ASI started making a scenic walking path from the fort to the temple but stopped midway due to lack of funds. This was apparent in the path. Parts of it was cemented rocks, most of it not. Just boulders thrown together.At some places it was beachy sand as well. Plus the sun and heat. OMG the heat. It was crazy. I almost ran into thorny shrubs trying to focus on my footing. Overall, super hard run with few good views.

2 September 2017

Day 1 badami continued.. Post lunch, we decided to rest briefly to beat the scorching heat. We got out at 4 and went to the museum (entry=5rs). The museum had some relics and some interesting info of the whole are. After spending 15 mins there, moved on to see the bhoothnath group of temples adjoining the museum. The temple ruins are so beautiful in the setting sun. Unfortunately the lake around it was almost dry -diminishing the actual intended look of the ancient temple. We spent quite a bit of time here taking pictures and walking around and soaking in the beauty of this place. Around 5.45 we tried going up to the lower and upper Shivalaya. Since they close the gates at 6 and it takes more than 25 mins to go right to the upper, we were allowed only till the lower shivalaya. The views were magnificent and we couldn't get enough. Though unfortunately we missed the fort area and upper, we went down with a spring in our steps witnessing such grandeur that existed 1000s of years ago!
Day 1- Badami We left Hubli post breakfast (had at the hotel-included in the room rate) at 8.30 and reached badami by 10.30. it's a single lane road which is quite decent. We checked into hotel Rajsangam - where the rooms were surprisingly quite spacious and clean and then headed out to see badami. Our first stop was Badami caves. These are the main attractions of the town. There are four cave temples carved out of sandstone boulders by different Chalukya dynasty kings in different eras of 500-700AD for different gods.The carvings and stories around the temple were just amazing. Gave us such deep insight into some of the religious practices of the eras. The views of the lake and fort were also quite mesmerising from there. Guide charges -rs 500. Recommended by the guide we went to anand savaji hotel for lunch. It was small, relatively clean place dishing out amazingly good food. The mutton kheema,paratha,chicken masala was spicy and very tasty.

1 September 2017

A last minute impulse decision to run the goheritage run at badami on the 3rd of September is what finally prompted us to go visit this beautiful place. Badami is around 510kms from Blr, which is 7-8 hrs of driving time depending on traffic. While going we decided to leave on Friday evening at 4 and stop over at Hubli. We reached Hubli by 9 on the eve of moharram which by itself was quite amusing. The drive was pretty smooth. Leaving the city we did encounter some traffic, but once we were out of city limits it was a fast smooth drive. Towards chitradurga we saw the windmills atop the hills and with the setting sunlight was a real spectacle to drive through. The hotel in Hubli - hotel metropolis was alright. They did ask us for marriage photos at check in to prove we were two married couples - yes, this is India 2017. The Rooms were basic and decent -not very fascinating. The restaurant however , olive garden was amazing - biryani, Kababs all very good. Anyway, onto mission badami!