India · 1 Days · 9 Moments · September 2017

Neda 's adventure in Himachal Pradesh, India

27 September 2017

Adventure sports at fagu ...from rope hanging to rope walking...from skipping bamboo sticks to walking on was a lot of fun....felt a bit scared in the beginning but soon it became exciting...except after this I gained some respect for people in the army who have to go through this for training
the celing inside was made with walnut wood...its glossy and has no need for polishing (pics available) there is also a room made from teak...with a pretty interesting fire extinguishing system... made in 1888...our predecessor were really smart huh!!!
The place where Gandhi Irwin pact was held
Shimla city

26 September 2017

we put up at hotel Crystal
The roads have trenches and potholes making the journey bumpy....but I didn't really mind it as tge scenery took my mind off everything else
Enroute from punjab to shimla