India · 15 Days · 10 Moments · April 2017

Astanga Vinyasa Mysore Teacher Training

15 April 2017

Indian cooking class on the rest day! Only 750 rupees including eating! Capsicum fry, cabbage with mustard seed, 1 chickpea dal chutney, 1 green mango chutney, 1 Ragi dosa, saffron samolina.

13 April 2017

Handstand day in the adjustment class today.
Adjustment class was a sweaty mess for me today!

9 April 2017

Sunday we hiked a mountain and had breakfast in a restaurant. I also had a sugar cane juice, mysore mysala dolce (spicy!), and my first fresh coconut. A monkey pissed and shat as Michael photographed it and a monkey stole Hilary's bottle of water. Talked to Sunil a bit today and he said he told me a nice story about why shiva has a snake around his neck. Then went for a shopping trip for the two boys and Mike told me that i would have no trouble getting a man in India if i chose to stay because the men on motorcycles were all looking at me. Michael put his head on my knee at the sofas in front of everyone for a moment. Mike tapped my shoulder before saying goodnight.

7 April 2017

Today we did strange back-bending excercises for the purpose bettering out breathing for pranayama.

5 April 2017

Puppy found today. He will be called Max. Rain storm bought flooding in the yoga room.

4 April 2017

Learned a Tittibhansana flow today and went to decathalon to get another top (class gets sweaty!) and got caught in the rain in the right. Took shelter at a small kiosk with the locals and the two mikes.

3 April 2017

Arrived at Ashtanga Yoga Mysore at about 12:30pm after a 4 hour bus ride from Bangalore Airport via Flybus (800 Rupees). The bus ride smelled intensely of stinky feet but that was only to be expected. Met some of the fellow TTC people and we went to a grocery store. I managed to start an electric toothbrush but could not manage to turn it off! Since I needed a proper toothbrush anyway I purchased the battery powered device and now it shall serve me as my travel toothbrush.

2 April 2017

Mysore Palace trip on Sunday with the other TTC people. The palace was closed when we got there and there was also no light show in the evening on Sunday, but meeting everyone and having another chai (25 Rupees) and my first samosa (30 Ruppes) was nice. Earlier that day we had a relaxed orientation an Adidi an Indian girl of 20 and also one of the other trainees gave me the label "Encyclopedia Yogi". Also bonded with the two Austrian boys over the anal retentive nature of Germans as well as their lack of humor. Did not sleep well that evening probably because I slept too much the day before and got hungry and ate a bag of chips at 4:30am :(

1 April 2017

Arrived at 4:00 in India and the first order of business was to loose my iPhone on the plane. However, I made friends with the airport staff tasked to help me find my phone (which was never found). HIs name was Linscilin and he kept me company for 4 hours until my Flybus (800 Rupees) left for Mysore. We had breakfast and he even invited me to my first chai for this trip!