Greece · 5 Days · 36 Moments · August 2017

Nat's adventure in Greece

3 September 2017

Had an extra day in Paros because our morning ferry was cancelled! Slept in with Anna, Shawn, Victoria, and Awanda. Got breakfast at the hotel and got ready for walking around the village with Janelle, Awanda, Anna, Danaeuh, Jenny, Kelsey, Lisa, and a couple others. We strolled through the streets of downtown Paros (I got a delicious Mokachino) and a few people tried Loukoudis, fried dough with a thick syrup (like Nutella, etc.) on it. It was so hot so we walked back and went to the pool. I shared a fruit bowl with Greek yogurt and Greek salad (so good!) with Janelle. I hopped in the freezing pool, and gossiped with Danyelle and Anna for a bit. We then got ready to leave for the ferry departing Paros to Athens at 6 pm.

2 September 2017

Woke up pretty early (I slept HORRIBLY) to take the BBQ boat and island hop! I took a less drowsy Dramamine so I felt pretty good. Water was SO clear and beautiful... Water was quite cold and very salty, but it was definitely worth the €55 I spent!! I took naps in the sun, sang and danced to the music we plugged in. The woman who catered all food on the boat was so sweet and her food was AMAZING! We had Greek salad, pork and chicken skewers, pita bread, and homemade tzaziki sauce. Sweet and juicy watermelon was our dessert! Once we got off the boat (six hours long!), I explored Naousa village with Shawn, Danaeuh, Anna, Awanda, and Jenny. We had a good dinner there (I had ANOTHER Greek salad) and we explored the shops in the small, charming streets. Shawn, Anna, Awanda, and I then cabbed back to the hotel and we had an early night and slept at 1.
Naousa's adorable streets and shops!
Naousa Village and dinner!!
Another sunset at our hotel.
Watermelon and Joe and I being extra.
More breathtaking views (and Joe being extra).
Delicious homemade (on the boat) food by the host!
Sweetest host!
Beautiful Greek waters!
Absolutely amazing Aegean Sea!
Crystal clear Blue Lagoon!

1 September 2017

Woke up even earlier to get on the bus to the ferry for Paros island. Hungover, but had Dramamine so I passed out on the ferry. Took a bus to Santa Maria beach, where we ate food (I had the best Greek salad ever, grilled halloumi and veggies, and a seafood platter) and had a free day. People swam in the cold ocean and did water sports, but I was so exhausted I napped in the shaded area/sun. Bussed back, and went to dinner in downtown Paros, which is right on the water, with Janelle, Valerie, Danyelle, Joe, Victoria, Yestenia, and a couple others. I had another Greek salad, but it was not very good. We then went to the bar in town and took shots with the majority of the group, and headed back to the hotel, where we drank an excessive amount with Janelle, Serena, Jashrine, Philip, Luis, Alexis, Amy, Amanda, and a couple others. Got drunk but went to bed UNTIL I WOKE UP TO JASHRENE PASSED OUT ON MY BED WITH VOMIT ALL OVER. Found Victoria outside and slept in her room in her bed.
Dinner in Paros' "downtown."
Sunset from our hotel.
Lunch at Santa Maria Beach (sardines were Antonio's).
More views from our resort hotel.
Our hotel in Paros, Hotel High Mill, where I roomed with Janelle, Jashrine, and Alexis.
Getting off ferry in Paros.
View of Athens port from the ferry in the morning.

31 August 2017

Woke up early to go to the world-known Greek Acropolis. We took the metro to the Hellenic Parliament, where we watched the guards switch (hourly), and waited for our tour guide. She was Greek, but was born in the U.K. so spoke fluent English. We walked through the National Garden, Stiles Olimpiou Dios, and up the mountain where the Acropolis was. We saw Herodes Theatre, Old Temple of Athena, Erechtheum, and of course the Parthenon. Everything was so beautiful and surreal to finally see artifacts that I've learned so much about. After, we were free to go for the rest of the day. I went to lunch near the Acropolis with Shani, Yestenia, and Kelsey. I ate feta cheese with bread, dolma, and a fruit bowl. Us four then went to the Acropolis Museum and spent time there. I was supposed to go to a mountain to watch the sunset, but went to dinner with Janelle, Serena, Jashrine, and others, and ate a falafel pita sandwich. Then went out with Janelle, Joe, Johanna, and Yestenia to a hookah bar.
Our hotel.
Dinner- falafel sandwich.
Streets, Acropolis Museum!
Lunch near the Acropolis!
Herodes Theatre, where concerts are still held, and streets nearby.
Parthenon, Old Temple of Athena, Erechtheum.
Walking up the Acropolis!
Temple of Zeus and towns surrounding the Acropolis.
Hellenic Parliament and National Garden.

30 August 2017

Took an Uber from Julia's apartment to Liverpool Station at 6 am, where I caught a train to Stansted airport. Flight was delayed, but was pleasant (got to talk to an older British couple). I landed in Athens and took an Uber to President Hotel, our accommodation for two nights. I met my two roommates, Janelle and Jashrine, who also just graduated and had this tour as a graduation gift. We headed downstairs at 5:30 for the welcome meeting with the whole group and our tour director, Antonio, a Portuguese pro fluent in many languages, and who currently lived in Athens. After the 1-hour meeting, we all took the metro to Monastiraki, or Monastery in English. I went with Ish and Amby, two sisters from Vancouver, in the streets with many shops. We all met up at 8:20 and went to a rooftop restaurant for a welcome dinner. We had two drink tickets (I had rosé wine), hummus, pitas, falafels, gyros and other meats. We took the metro back and I went to the bar/pool on our rooftop and socialized.
Our pool and bar on the President Hotel rooftop.
View from our rooftop dinner- the Acropolis!
Dinner on the rooftop at Monastiraki.