Czech Republic · 7 Days · 5 Moments · September 2017

Nat's adventure in Germany

20 September 2017

Our second full day in Berlin started late (we all slept in). The girls went ahead of me and went to a museum, while I met up with Phil at Reichstag to get a ticket to the dome viewing. We ended up hanging out with Ish, Amby, Christian, Jay, Victoria, and Jenny, and went to the Berlin Cathedral. We didn't go inside it since it cost money. Then, we walked to the metro to get a train to the Berlin Wall again. I got a text from Alexis to meet them by Brandenburg Gate, so Phil and I headed there to eat with them and also go to our dome viewing. We took the metro and found them, and I had two aperol spritz drinks with garlic butter fries. Phil and I met up with Andrea and Myra and we all saw the view of Berlin at sundown which was great. We took the trams back to the hotel and drank in Serena and Jashrine's rooms.

19 September 2017

Our first day in Berlin! We woke up to go to our tour with our female guide. It was half in the bus, so we all got a bit drowsy. We started at the Berlin Wall, and only saw a little. The bus then took us to the Brandenburg Gate and Holocaust Memorial right by it. Both were great to see. Next, we went to a famous chocolate shop and ended at Checkpoint Charlie. It was a very informative tour with so much history and politics. We ended the tour and Serena, Jashrine, Janelle, Awanda, Alexis, and I went to the Banksy museum, then to the Reichstag building to get tickets to the dome. I didn't have my passport so I wouldn't have been able to go with them. We headed to Alexanderplatz for shopping and also to eat a doner kebab. We took metros and trams to get back, and laid in bed, drank, and watched a scary movie in the boys' room.

18 September 2017

PART TWO OF GERMANY! We got on the bus early in the morning to go to Berlin! But we first stopped in the extremely pretty German town, Dresden! I walked around with Lauren, Johanna, Shawn, Awanda, and Lisa. We first went to the palace, which was nothing I've ever seen before. It was something I'd see in a movie! We then headed to St. Flauen Church, which was one of the most beautiful churches I've seen as well! We took some pictures, then went to lunch right outside the church and saw Luis and Phil there. I ate braised pork in a raisin sauce and potato dumplings with red cabbage on the side. We met up with Antonio and headed to Berlin on the bus! We did a walking tour of Berlin at night with Antonio, and then Serena, Jashrine, Janelle, Alexis, Awanda, and I went to dinner (which took a long time), and headed back to the hotel (very cute and new hotel)! I roomed with Lisa.

15 September 2017

Woke up and left Munich to stop at Dachau concentration camp, then eventually Prague. Dachau was as expected, very dark and depressing. We walked around the entire camp, and through the museum, too. We then got back on the bus and stopped at the small town, Regensberg for a lunch. I ate with Serena and Janelle at a healthy burger place and I got a salad. We all got on the road again and arrived in Prague at 7 pm. I roomed at Sophie's Hostel, the cutest hostel so far, with Awanda, Johanna, Yesteni, Lisa, and Shani. We shared three restroom areas with Janelle, Denaeuh, Shawn, Alexis Goodwin, Anna, and Jenny. I went to dinner around the corner at a local Czech restaurant with Johanna, Kai, and Yesteni. It was delicious! After dinner, we all went out for Luis' 25th birthday to the five-story club. It was fun, and of course Janelle and my favorite floor was the EDM one. I ended up leaving earlier than everyone in an Uber because I felt so hammered!

14 September 2017

Woke up to take a walking tour of Munich with Austin, a man from Texas who has lived in Munich for 5 years. Only 15 of us were on the tour and it started to rain (and very cold weather), but he told us some great information of the beautiful, safe, and orderly city! We saw a couple churches, walked through an outdoor market, saw the bells ringing of the Mariensaule, an expensive department store, the National Theatre of Munich, then ended with Austin at Weisses, another beer hall with food. I had another lemonade beer and roast pork belly with creamy potatoes. Serena, Jashrine, Awanda, and I went to buy lederhosen for our night. We took the metro back to the hostel and got ready to leave for Hofbrauhaus for another night. We met up with others and headed to the famous beer hall. We played Kings Cup and were rowdy (Oktoberfest started the day after) and got into a little trouble, so Serena, Kelsey, Claire and I went back on the metro to the hostel.