Australia · 72 Days · 3 Moments · December 2017

Nathan's adventures

11 March 2018

...”I need to talk to you about something” I thought it could’ve been something like her being pregonaught or an STI! Chey thought this was hilarious! Tomorrow I find out if I get this job with Trimble, I really hope that I get this job, because it’s going to be quite the game changer. If I don’t get it, it’s not the end of the world and I can find something more suiting. It’s a crazy time at the moment, everything is hanging. It may be scary, but it’s also exciting.
What a weekend... so much happened... Matt and I went for lunch with cam at chicken and sons in Chatswood, it was so delicious, I ate too much foood! We then went back to his parents place and had coffee. On the way home I swung by dads to say hey and to pick up stuff. We ended up organising something for later. Matt and I went home and both seemed to have an great day. We played a game of league when we got home! As soon as the game finished, dad called me and said his apartment building was on fire. What a crazy time! Chey ended up dropping acid with Ilya and Adriano, I’m glad she was in a safe place. Set and setting! During the afternoon Bevan mentioned some things around how he wants to live on his own. He might potentially even move to Melbourne! I feel it would be a great opportunity for him, however I will miss him like hell if he moves In the evening a girl I’ve been seeing for about 6 months broke up with me. I was worried before hand because she messaged me saying...

30 December 2017

Had a cute BB adventure today. She came and picked me up from mine, we went to parramatta to buy an Xbox. I have Chey my Christmas present early and it was destiny 2. We then went back to hers and setup the Xbox, got high af 🔥 and watched narcos while munching on lasagne that Alidas mum made!