Greece · 2 Days · 4 Moments · October 2016

Natasha's voyage in Greece

18 October 2016

First dinner at Vineyart: Meltini was full because outdoor areas were closed due to the winds. Vineyart was off the main road and we chose a table tucked away in the corner. The art was a bit disturbing, but the waiter was great, being that he was the wine menu. We got spicy saganaki to start which Bill handled, but I could not. Next was the sausage with eggs, yummy, but nothing to write home about. Then the pasta came and it was amazing! Fusilli with a tomato sauce, but we ordered the one with veal so we sent it back and got the right dish which was also amazing. Veal was SO tender. Tried the "black and crispy" red wine (native to Santorini) which was spicy and great.
New Acropolis Museum was amazing. Went back for pictures because the first day we were so exhausted from traveling, we forgot to take them. Coolest part was that the ground was clear and you could see the ruins underneath. Museum is expansive with statues, artifacts and stories across three levels.

17 October 2016

Stroll around the acropolis to an amazing hill (Areopagus) that was so windy, but the views were amazing. Wandered into Monastiraki for a quick bite and pedestrian stroll
After an impossible drive from Kyle and Ryan's wedding in Avalon, NJ, a layover in Toronto (Views) and finally a metro from Athens airport...we make it to our Airbnb with an amazing balcony and this view