United States of America · 23 Days · 100 Moments · July 2016

Natasha's trip to United States of America

31 July 2016

Somewhere in SoCal!
Leaving ridgecrest, ca on our way to CHICO!!!!!!

30 July 2016

Touchdown ridgecrest ca!
First stop in California!
Just got to California!!!! We did it!!!!
Eating in a city right on the edge of Arizona, California, and Nevada!
Leaving Kingman, Arizona heading to Ridgecrest, California! There was a huge storm last night!

29 July 2016

Gained an hour! Pacific time!
Just got to Arizona!
Last stop in New Mexico! Ate at Golden Corral again...
Leaving Albuquerque, NM heading to Kingman, Arizona!

28 July 2016

Just spent the day in Santa Fe, New Mexico! Got a necklace and a souvenir for Amy!
Just went to Walter White's house from Breaking Bad!

27 July 2016

Just made it to Albuquerque, New Mexico!
Stopped for lunch in New Mexico!
Just got to New Mexico! Gained an hour!
Just got to Texas!
Day 22.. Leaving elk city, Oklahoma and on our way to Albuquerque, New Mexico!

26 July 2016

Staying another night in Oklahoma because the car broke! Eating at rib crib! Best ribs I've ever had.

25 July 2016

In Elk City, Oklahoma!
Stopped for dinner at the Cherokee restaurant in Oklahoma!
Just entered Oklahoma!
Leaving Bryant, Arkansas going to Elk City, Oklahoma!

24 July 2016

Touchdown Bryant, Arkansas! Currently a thunderstorm with lightning!
Just entered Arkansas!
Pit stop now we are at McDonald's somewhere in Tennessee
Tire popped and now we are on the side of the freeway!
Just left Nashville, TN heading to Bryant, Arkansas!

23 July 2016

Got to Nashville, did laundry, and went to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum!
Just gained an hour!
Leaving Knoxville going to Nashville!

22 July 2016

Touchdown Knoxville, Tennessee!
Just got to Tennessee!!!
Target in Virginia!
Last rest stop in Virginia!
Lunch stop in Virginia ... At Golden Corral.......... 😐
Leaving Smithfield, VA heading to Knoxville, Tennessee!

21 July 2016

In Newport News, VA for the afternoon

20 July 2016

Just entered North Carolina! Going to Kitty Hawk!

19 July 2016

Going to Williamsburg, VA for the day!

18 July 2016

Arrived in Smithfield, VA! Eating at Taco Bell!
Pit stop at welcome center in Virginia
Just got to Virginia!
In West Virginia!
Just got to Maryland!
Day 13! Leaving Scranton, Pennsylvania and going to Smithfield, Virginia! Might pass through Maryland!

17 July 2016

Pit stop for dinner in Scranton, Pennsylvania! Home of "The Office"!
Just passed New Jersey and entered Pennsylvania!
Pit stop in Stormville, New York!
Just entered New York again!
Just ate lunch, now going through East Hartford, Connecticut!
Just entered Connecticut!
Just got to Massachusetts!
Just got to New Hampshire again! Passing through!
Leaving Freeport, Maine on our way WEST to Scranton, Pennsylvania!

16 July 2016

Eating at Texas Roadhouse in Maine!
Eating at Friendly's ice cream in Maine
Just went shopping at the outlets in Freeport, Maine; now heading more north!

15 July 2016

Touchdown Freeport, Maine! Now to shopping!
Pit stop in Brighton, Maine!
Just made it to Maine! Officially made it all the way across the USA!
Leaving Littleton, New Hampshire! Off to Freeport, Maine!

14 July 2016

Wow! Littleton, New Hampshire
Just ate at Littleton Diner in Littleton, New Hampshire!
Thunderstorm with lightning in New Hampshire!
Just made it to New Hampshire!
Just made it to Vermont!
Pit stop in Queensbury, NY!
Pit stop at Pizza Hut in New York!
Pit stop in Little Falls, New York
Leaving Skaneateles, New York onto Littleton, New Hampshire but first we have to go through Vermont!

13 July 2016

Swim time in New York!

12 July 2016

Just visited Garry's mom and now at Olive Garden!

11 July 2016

Just had another pit stop in NY!
Pit stop in New York!
Just got to New York!
Lunch break at ihop in Erie, Pennsylvania!
Just entered Pennsylvania!
Pit stop east of Cleveland, Ohio!
Just passed Lake Erie!
Just passed through Cleveland, Ohio!
Leaving Elyria, Ohio! On our way to Skaneateles, New York! First we have to go through Pennsylvania!

10 July 2016

Touchdown Elyria, Ohio! Eating at Golden Corral..again.
Pit stop in West Unity, Ohio! Picked up a souvenir keychain!
Just arrived in Ohio!
Another pit stop in Indiana! Just entered into the Eastern time zone!
Pit stop in Indiana for lunch!
Just entered Indiana!
Donut stop at Dunkin Donuts in Morris, Illinois!
Gas stop in Peru, Illinois!
Taking off from Davenport, Iowa to Elyria, Ohio; right outside Cleveland! But first we have to pass through Illinois and Indiana!

9 July 2016

Just got to Davenport, Iowa! Swim time! Ate dinner at Golden Corral again.
Rest stop at Tiffin, Iowa!
Rest stop for lunch in Council Bluffs, Iowa! Part of the Lewis & Clark trail!
Just got to Iowa!
Rest stop at Platte River Eastbound in Nebraska
Day 4 • Leaving York, Nebraska going to Davenport, Iowa!