United States of America · 6 Days · 22 Moments · September 2016

Justin + Natalie in CA

16 September 2016

9/16/16: Today we drove to Temecula, aka wine country, to explore & in an attempt to find a corkscrew. After visiting two different winery gift stores, the cheapest we could find one was around $40 😩, so we opted not to get one. After this, we drove back to our place & ate lunch & from there decided to drive north to explore Dana Point, Laguna beach, and Newport-on the way there were many cute shops! We parked & walked around the boardwalk & marina near Newport Beach, then headed to the Rusty Pelican for a seafood dinner! While we waited for our table, we had coconut shrimp & drinks, & once seated on their outdoor patio (complete with an overhead heat lamp πŸ€—), Justin ordered some oysters (which I tried & liked!) & garlic bread; and as an entree the Flagship (swordfish steak & potatoes). I ordered Penne a La Vodka (penne pasta in a creamy vodka & tomato sauce with shrimp & scallops)-yum! We drove back & then organized packing for tomorrow & enjoyed our last night in the hot tub 😊

15 September 2016

9/15/16: Exploring the grounds where we are staying-Bonsall Jardins (Bonsall Gardens)! Pomegranates, limes, lemons, avocados, and grapefruit! You'll notice in the last picture there is a lime and a baby orange-apparently orange rinds don't turn orange until it gets colder out! we had picked it thinking it was a lime, and thought our actual lime was a in ripe lemon, since they are green before they turn yellow πŸ™ƒ
9/15/16: Today we decided to explore the nearby town of Oceanside, right on the coast. We looked at a few shops at the Marina there, then decided to take a walk to the Pier (one of the longest on the West Coast)! After that we walked uptown for a cool treat-Justin had a strawberry shake & I had gelato (coconut, raspberry, & dark chocolate cherry with almonds ☺️). From there we saw that they had a farmer's market that started at 5, so we bought some time by people-watching on the beach (with our suits in our beach chairs πŸ˜„). After that we headed into town again for the market, which surprisingly had mostly restaurant and bakery vendors, and only a few actual jewlery, clothing, etc. ones. All of it was very cool to see & definitely smelled amazing too!

14 September 2016

9/14/16: Enjoying our hot tub after a long day (as if we hadn't had enough water already 😜). Justin hunted down an extension cord and plugged in our "party lights" for us!
9/14/16: We decided to do a kayaking & snorkeling trip through La Jolla Kayak (we had seen it online & inquired about it in-store yesterday when we were there)! πŸš£πŸŒ΄β˜€οΈπŸŒŠ we filled out our waiver, got our gear on, & walked to be beach with our group (about 15 others) down to the beach, where they helped us launch our tandem kayak! The water was in the high 60's, but was still pretty chilly despite our wetsuits. We kayaked out to some caves, & then our guide anchored our kayak to his & we started snorkeling! We saw lots of Garibaldi (CA state fish, used by Dr. Seuss in the One Fish Two Fish, etc. book), coral & sea vegetation, as well as sea lions!

13 September 2016

9/13/16: we had dinner in La Jolla at Shore Rider-a little restaurant with a cool vibe & delicious food. Justin enjoyed a Corona🍺 & Ahi Steak Sandwich with a house salad, & I had a Strawberry Margarita 🍸 & the "One Pound" Burrito 🌯(best burrito I've ever eaten with Chicken, Blackened Shrimp, Pinco de Galo, chiles, onion) with chips & guac (Justin ate the other half 😌).
9/13/16: My favorite place so far-La Jolla Cove & Children's Pool Beach. We followed the cement pathways along the cliffs & down to a stairway to the shore, where some friendly ladies took our picture. After that we walked back up & took the pathway the opposite direction to see some sun-basking (& stinky!) sea lions & La Jolla Cove. The scenic cliffs & views of the ocean were amazing.
9/13/16: Today we visited several places! This is Coronado Island, where we tried to enter the Naval Base (which apparently was for official Navy members only-oopsπŸ˜›). There were many Naval planes that flew overhead! We explored the beach there & saw Hotel De Coronado, a famous historic landmark. On our way back, we saw the cutest little trash truck on the beach 🚚, so we took a video of it in action and sent it to Harlow-Jess told us he loved it ☺️

12 September 2016

9/12/16: Justin loves our patio grill & hot tub πŸ™‚ his favorite feature on the grille is a bright side light to really see the foods' cooking progress 😌
9/12/16: just southeast of Carlsbad was Legoland! We didn't want to pay for a days' admission ($95/person), but in order to even go inside to look at the gift shop, we needed to pay that 😳. It's quite common that tourists want to go in the the gift shop, so they allow you to get refunded the admission cost after 1 hour or less of being in the park. We spent $190, looked around for about 1/2 an hour, then got a refund and left! πŸ€“
9/12/16: We decided to go to Pizza Port in Carlsbad for lunch, after so many people at church recommended it yesterday. We shared a 1/2 BBQ chicken, 1/2 pineapple & pepper pizza-it was so yummy! Justin also tried some Grapefruit beer! 😁
9/12/16: Took a trip from Bonsall down through Oceanside & onto Carlsbad! We took a break from our driving to stroll along the coastline and down on the beach-it was breathtakingly beautiful!

11 September 2016

9/11/16: Headed off to church at Hope PRC in Redlands for their evening service! we didn't get to bed until 2am Sunday morning, so listened in online for the first service. Hope PRC is about an hour and 15 minutes away from where we are in Bonsall. Before the service even started, we had talked to several people & had invites from three people to hangout with them! We went to Matt & Renae Kaiser's apartment after the service and ate and hung out with Austen & Lisa Potjer, another couple our age 😊 it was so nice to have some good Christian fellowship to make us feel extra welcome!
9/11/16: Enjoying our lunch with a view from our cottage: Sticky Balsamic Chicken Drumsticks, Rice, & Carrots with cinnamon πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
9/11/16: our cottage is surrounded by groves so we had to explore them! we explored the Avocado groves & also found a lemon, pomegranate, and grapefruit tree, which we were allowed to pick from! Yumm! πŸ‹πŸŠπŸŒΏ
some pictures of the beautiful property Sunday morning. Note the last picture-it's a panorama!
9/11/16: we arrived last night around midnight, then briefly unpacked and made our grocery list. By the time we got home with our groceries from Wal-Mart and showered, it was 2am! Justin had been up for 24 hours, since he woke up at 530 that morning to finish ME's floor heat.

10 September 2016

Such a surprisingly basic menu! Apparently everything they make must be good πŸ˜‰ by the time we got our food (we both ordered double cheeseburgers & fries, & Justin got a strawberry shake), we were so hungry we'd eat anything, so the burgers tasted extra delicious!
Our dinner, the famous In & Out Burger, the only place open in the area to eat. We hardly ever eat out, let alone eat fast food, so we told ourselves we "got fat tonight" 😣
Our rental car for the week!
9/10/16: By the time (9:35pm) we were at the end of the line, we still had to eat dinner, drive to our house almost 2 hrs. away, and get groceries for Sunday.
9/10/16: we got our our flight at LAX & headed for Fox Rent-a-Car expecting to sign some P paperwork & get on our way...not so easy though 😞 we waited 1 hr. & 35 minutes to get to this point in line! It seems as though all the employees kept leaving for the night & the line hardly moved 😞