Belize · 17 Days · 28 Moments · January 2015

Belize Service Project Jan 3-17, 2015

20 January 2015

Looking back, this trip was an amazing experience and I am so fortunate to have been apart of it with all of these great people. I wish I could have stayed longer and done more to help out. If I ever get a chance to go back to Belize, I would take it in a heart beat. Until next time...! 😎✌️

14 January 2015

Today was a very tiring day. Since our teacher gave us the opportunity to teach all day for the whole week, I have really been able to see what its like to be a teacher. Although the work is hard and the students find the right buttons to push, I know that this is the right path for me. This makes me so excited to go into this last semester before student teaching! Tomorrow is our last full day of school and I am praying that the students behave themselves! I want to have fun!!!

11 January 2015

Today was a very fun filled day! We were ready to head out at 7am when we got the news that the caves were flooded and we couldn't go cave tubing. Although that was a bummer, we still went zip lining. It was incredible!!!! I took a video on my action camera. It was so cool to see the rain forest from all the way up there. Not to mention it was actually raining! We went through about 5 platforms zipping through the jungle!! Truly unbelizeable! After the zip lining we ate another awesome lunch of chicken, rice and beans, and punch. It was delicious! Then we got ready to go out to the zoo. Griffith lead our zoo tour and we got to see all of the animals native to Belize. I was able to take part in a very unique experience where I paid $5 to go inside a cage and interact with a rare black jaguar. That was cool!! At the end of the zoo after the gift shop was hit up, we were able to hold a boa constrictor. I still can't believe I did it!
Final pictures from the Zoo! I held a boa constrictor!
More from the Zoo
Today's excursion: Zip Lining and the Zoo!
Saturday's excursion to the Mayan Ruins!

8 January 2015

Today was quite interesting! Our teacher did not come into school today... So Olivia and I taught the whole day! I think it went surprisingly well. Our teacher didn't leave anything for us to do either so it was a lot of making up things on the fly! The students had "expressive art" today which was a lot of fun! I went to the classroom to do ballet with the students and Olivia helped out with the craft. Ballet was adorable! The girls wore little tutus and ballet flats and a teacher came in from the community! We learned first and second position, plies, soutes, releves and ballet runs. Also today, Olivia and I taught the students a new song called "peace like a river". The students seemed to enjoy it very much!!! At the end of the day, a little girl Eymi gave me a note with my name in a heart. It was so adorable!

6 January 2015

Today was a great day- the students were so affectionate and so pleased to see us again. I taught the first day of multiplication and Olivia taught about spelling words and grammar. We were lucky enough to also teach PE! It was crazy! The students don't mind at all running around in the heat of the day. We taught them how to play Spud, and they taught us hand clapping games and songs. The students loved to take pictures with us and see themselves on the camera. Our teacher let us have a lot of say in the lessons today and we were able to have a really fun time! I am so lucky to be with the wonderful children I am with. After tons of hugs and kisses, I'm not sure what parting with them on the last day will be like... Can't wait to see them all again!! 😊

5 January 2015

P2: Our teacher had us teach science after lunch. We taught about the solar system. It was unexpected but it went the best it could. After science the students had social studies and learned about natural and human resources. They had a "quiz" and most students didn't pay attention enough to do it. At the end of the day we gave our students the pencils and erasers we bought them, as well as gave our teacher the present we bought here. I am completely exhausted, but I'm optimistic that tomorrow will be better. Did I mention I'm teaching the first day of multiplication tomorrow?? Yeah! Here goes nothing! 😊
P1: Oh boy was today a long day. We woke up bright and early at 630, got ready, ate breakfast, and headed off to St Joseph's. When we got to the school I was in shock how large it was. There is two stories and the rooms are open to eachother, meaning that there is 1 less wall in each room. Olivia and I introduced ourselves to our new students and our teacher, Ms Lewis. As Ms Lewis taught, we circled around the room seeing what we could help the students with. They were working on subtraction using the borrowing method. A Lot of students did not understand how to borrow. One observation I made about the classroom is that the students are constantly copying information down instead of being engaged. There were a lot of bells going off and random times that signified breaks. The students were very disciplined by the bells and their 5x a day prayer. Our teacher had us go through our intro lessons. The puzzle came out nice and it seems like Olivia's lesson was very fun for the kids.

4 January 2015

Today we woke up at 7 am and went snorkeling in the middle of the ocean! It was beautiful. We also got to pet stingrays and sharks! It was amazing. We took a boat ride out to Cay Cauker island, hit up the shops, and relaxed. When we came back we went out to the pool then ordered some food... Currently waiting for it!

3 January 2015

Pizza for dinner! Off to the gift shop
And we made it to the Radisson!
Belize Airport is so tiny!
Beautiful view from above!
The best cookies ever! #biscoff
Sweet set up to nap on the plane! Night night!
Taking off from Atlanta to go to Belize ✌️
Should be boarding soon to go to Belize!!!!!! 😝😎❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Just landed in Atlanta! Now to find Starbucks....!
Flying out of Buffalo!
Boarding the plane!
Waiting around to go through security!
Just checked our bags #thanksDelta
In the car to Buffalo Airport!