Switzerland · 2 Days · 7 Moments · May 2017

An exchange year in Switzerland? Why not.

17 May 2017

And you wouldn't believe me. On my second day we went to Austria! I mean it's not weird since it's just 2-3 hours drive (I think so), but I was so excited because it was just my second day, COME ON! We were meeting our relatives there for our (host) grandfather's Birthday and also my host parents' wedding anniversary celebrations. We were there just for 1 night and I sleep in the same room as Jasmin. I tried to make a conversation and everything got kinda better. The atmosphere was not so awkward anymore! ❤️ On that two days we walked to the pond and also a bit hiking in the forest. And yes since it's a celebration, the dinner at the hotel was GREAT. We were home on Sunday evening and I was exhausted. But you know what, I gotta go to the language school on the next day, screw it.
But my biggest problem at that time is that I'm scared of darkness, and I wanted to get over that by this exchange year. But the first night didn't went really good. I needed to open my phone's flashlight to go through that night 😂
After my first dinner there, me and the girls we went up hill (Our village is up in the hill) to chill, the night was still not too cold. Afterwards we went back home and played some video games. When our parents finish they evening then we went back home. It was a really good start tho ❤️
After baking and a village tour, I gotta ask my host mom (Brigitte) if I could take a shower. 12 hours on the plane, PLEASE, I REALLY NEED TO SHOWER. Of course she said yes. I had my own room on the second floor (the living room floor) with Jasmin and we used the bathroom together (We also need to clean it together every weekend. It's so damn clean I could say). When I was head-to-toe clean, we went to out neighbors for the birthday party. I met two more friends there. They both are so different but they're also besties. The first girl (Lisa) is a pretty and full of confident one, the another looks a bit more shy and also look like the one who doesn't really give a thing with beauty and appearance, even though she's pretty and has the most beautiful eyelashes I've ever seen. Anyway both of them are REALLY NICE and become my very good friends nowadays :) Everyone was so nice and kind to me that evening, but I was still a bit nervous though.
Regarding the host information that I've received at the beginning, I have 1 host sister and 3 host brothers. But the big brother is also on an exchange year, so I was supposed to meet 3 host siblings at home. I was so excited to have host siblings since I'm an only child, it's not bad but sometimes it's kinda lonely. My house is in a small habitable village in Kanton Aargau. When I opened the door it didn't take so long until my host sister (Jasmin)and the smallest host brother (Julian/Julie) ran down and say hi. At that moment I can feel the awkwardness but I tried to smile AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE because, yeah, I think it helps, and it did. It was quite a busy day. Our neighbor had a Birthday party that day, so Jasmin and me baked a cake for him. Afterwards my another host brother (Elias) arrived home then we went out with bicycles and he showed me our village. All of them are SO KIND to me, I feel like I'm a lucky one :)
I actually have so much to talk about, but lets make it short and easy to read. When I left my home town I need to say that I cried a lot. It was somehow heartbreaking realizing that you're not gonna see or be able to hug these people for almost 1 year. On my first day here i arrived around noon. The weather is actually really kind to me, since where I left is around 30-35 degrees at that time. My host parents were there at the airport, I know they're really kind at the first sight. And another fact is, if you don't count my head, my height would be a half of them. Its was the first time that I felt sooooo small! We took around 40 mins to drive back home from Zürich Airport (Zürich Flughafen) since there was crazy traffic jam ('der Stau') that day. And yes I was damn excited all the way home.

15 May 2017

I'm here in Switzerland as an exchange student. Now it's been already 9 months, living in a place that at the beginning it made me feel really homesick, but now it has become something I can also call 'my home'