United States of America · 3 Days · 21 Moments · October 2017

Natalie's family road trip to Burlington, VT!

18 October 2017

I'm saying wow! I couldn't believe this place!!!
Biggest sundial in Chicago!!!
The view near the Adler planetarium in Chicago! Wow!

17 October 2017

Final views as we headed into Illinois and sunset with bug guts!
Ketchup is food right? No baby, no. She would eat the whole thing if I let her!
Car craziness and the man behind the curtain that is behind a lot more of the photos Anna's videos that got taken this trip!
This is so baby! Getting ready to leave she decided to forge ahead and make her own path! No sidewalks for this girl!
We took extra time to play, but it was worth it! We drove hard the day before and this day we had an inordinate amount of bathroom breaks, definitely no synchronized bladders here!
Rest stop play for Samminha!
Welcome to Missouri! It feels like home when we cross this border!
Saying goodbye to the construction bear in the lobby of the Hyatt Place!

16 October 2017

Tired, happy and silly in the room early in the morning!
We stayed at the Hyatt Place in Memphis/Wolfchase and I'd highly recommend it! Jesse helped us with our bags and he was great! Beds were comfortable and the room was great for everyone! We were so tired by the time we reached the room after dinner!
The weather was cool and the trees and shade were lovely. This was a great place to stretch, inspect nature and get some energy out!
Zo zo the Eskimo!
The AR welcome center rest stop had tons of daddy long legs this time of year! Zach is looking at them on the tree! In fact that's why I have fewer pictures of one of my girls at this spot. Guess which child was wary of them?
Zach hiding from the sun!
Happy baby drumming for her musical daddy at the AR rest stop!
Sam the ham happily posed for me with the big map at the rest stop in Arkansas!!
Arkansas trees! We were amazed with all of the trees when we crossed the Texas border into Arkansas! There were miles and miles of trees; many of them were pines!