United States of America · 1 Days · 10 Moments · May 2016

28 May 2016

And a selfie to finish off the day! We ended up deciding to go home and watch the race since Connor has a cold and my grandpa wasn't feeling all that well either and everyone was already tired. But what an AMAZING day of exploring the CMS and NASCAR! I learned so much and I have come to appreciate stock car and formula 1 racing so much more.
Jim'N Nick's BBQ (thank goodness it was Carolina style!) and an impressive [albeit lengthy] presentation and tour of the NASDAR Research & Development Headquarters. I have no idea why, but I saw an electric bread knife on one of the mechanic's tables 😂
The first image is the finish line, and the second image is the camera and electronic equipment used to measure the laps that pass over the finish line as well as recording final lap data in case there is a tie.
Wow I touched a real stock car today. A pit crew member smiled at me. I almost peed myself when they revved an engine behind me during inspection. I saw the drivers that drive the cars sponsored by Target and Cheerios. Today's NASCAR experience has been incredible!
Making it into the Charlotte Motor Speedway!
Got our passes and we're getting ready!
Before this sunblock smears everything off of my face today, let me take a selfie 💁🏻
Wake-up alarm for 5:30AM 😭 We're on our way to the conference center where we'll get to hear presentations about NASCAR and racing, and then we'll go to the Charlotte Motor Speedway and get access to the garages, trophy rooms, pit stations, and inspection stations and even see some of today's cars being inspected! The Xfinity race will be this afternoon!

27 May 2016

I'm tired. I'm hungry. This car smells weird. No, really, the car smells like wet dog and burritos.
Every trip starts with this view