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Wedding Event In Hong Kong

20 November 2017

We’re back. (The 🌧 welcoming us)
The lunch is pretty good but the ice cream is 👍👌🙏🙏🙏 (Häagen-Dazs banana & cream, which not on sale in Thailand - we don’t have banana enough? 🤔. A shame.)
On board! (I just know that 🇭🇰 is only 2:15 hours from 🇹🇭 ☺️ - no wonder I can’t finish a movie I downloaded on Netflix)
Waiting to be back home. (in this weather 😱)
To the air port by Air Port train. Only 25 minutes journey.
The etiquette of using 🇭🇰 subway. “When you hear DO-DO-DO please STOP”. “When you hear Ding-Dong please let passengers exit before boarding”
Causeway Bay IKEA. The 🌭 is 👌.
What I like about 🇭🇰 is people are always get in line, even for a bus.
Causeway Bay! Shot from in front of the very busy Sogo Department. On the left, just a few minutes walk are IKEA, Mark & Spencer and the very expensive but very nice Park Lane hotel.
Hong Kong station is very large. It’s almost empty at this hour but you can be sure at rush hours it will be very crowded. This is our way back to the hotel. You can see from 6:20 AM that we got on the bus, we already headed back to our hotel at 7:00 AM. Quite a smooth operation. 👏👍
The 1st air port shuttle bus of the day supposed to leave Hong Kong station at 6:12 AM but it’s already here at 6:20 AM. (Yes, I screen capped it ☺️) Took us only 20 minutes to arrived at the destination because there was no one else from other hotels (this H4 Line has 5 hotel stops) and in this early hour it’s only took us 15 minutes to buy train tickets, left our luggage & got the boarding pass. 👌 (It’s 18° outside though 😱)
Convenient store here sells iTunes Gift Card. 😳

19 November 2017

This big restaurant is just across a small street from our hotel but unfortunately we don’t have time to check it out. 😢 (⭐️⭐️⭐️ and a half on Google)
Just 6:00 PM and it’s already 19° 😱
Dinner by the hotel.
This small road (Electric Road) by my hotel are surprisingly full of boutique restaurants & bakery shops (there are quite a few local ones too).
ซื้อสายนาฬิกา ⌚️ จะถูกกว่าที่เมืองไทยพอสมควร เมืองไทยเส้นละ 1,900 ที่นี่พันหกร้อยกว่าบาท แต่ไม่ใช่ทุกอย่างถูกกว่าหมด ควรเช็คราคาให้ดีเสียก่อน..
People sell & buy iPhone X on the street. 😳💵
The food is good, but I think it’s not great.
This is also a very crowded place. 😱 (Ho Hung Kee on the 12th floor of Hysan building) They have a computerized system for queue as you can see. Input number of people & wait.
So crowded. 😱 (Apple Store Causeway Bay)
Time for some shopping (@Sogo Causeway Bay)

18 November 2017

This dessert (chestnut cream soup) is 👌
The course began at 8:30 PM but when we finished the menu it’s almost midnight. 😱 I’ve been told this is very normal for Hong Kong banquet to finish very late. 😓
The main event.
Kind of a big wedding.
Good view from Kerry Hotel, the place of wedding.
Our hotel (iclub Fortress Hill Hotel) is small, inexpensive (less than HKD 1000 a night) but convenient. The Wi-Fi is fast. And they even have iron & iron board to be borrowed for those occasions you might need it. It’s located just 2 MTR stations away from bustling Causeway Bay (or only 5 minutes by tram)
This place has no breakfast but coffee is excellent. 👌
Morning espresso.

17 November 2017

Rush hour at Admitralty MTR station. It’s almost like we’re in Japan. 😳
ลงสนามบินปุ๊บ มุ่งตรงไปชอปปั๊บ 😓
3 hours later
Cathay Pacific doesn’t have Wi-Fi in flight but have electrical plug for charging your mobile phone. 👌
On board CX.
It took air port train 🚝 half an hour from Rajprarop to Suvarnabhumi.
Begins a journey. 🚊
Nice beginning of the day.. 😞

15 November 2017

Money’s ready. 💵
Cathay Pacific using electronic boarding pass that goes straight to your Wallet app. Impressive!

14 November 2017

Tip สำหรับเดินทางไปฮ่องกง: ไม่ต้องจองไฟลท์กลับแต่หัววัน เสียวันเปล่าๆ จองไฟลท์เย็น ไฟลท์ค่ำได้ตามใจชอบเพราะที่ฮ่องกงมี In Town Check In สามารถเช็คอินพร้อมกระเป๋าได้ก่อนถึง 24 ชั่วโมงล่วงหน้า (แต่ปิดก่อน 4 ชั่วโมง) ที่ Hong Kong station ฝั่งฮ่องกง หรือ Kowloon station ที่ฝั่งเกาลูน (มี air port shuttle พาไปเสร็จสรรพ) เช็คอินเสร็จ เดินตัวปลิวชอปปิ้งได้ตามสบายเพราะไม่ต้องไปเช็คอินที่สนามบินอีกแล้ว…

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