United States of America · 8 Days · 29 Moments · July 2016

Naples • Amanda

18 July 2016

Boarded my plane and I am 1/3 of the way through my book that has a review due tomorrow night 🙊 It's a good book though, so this 2 hour flight should give me plenty of time to read and prep for several papers.
• HIGHLIGHTS • I am so thankful to have been able to spend a lovely week with Amanda to explore and shop and hang out and watch Gilmore Girls and catch Pokemon! It was one of the best summer vacations I've had in a very long time and for being my first vacation by myself without any family it was awesome! Thank you to the Hunters for hosting me! I hope to do this again sometime and maybe Amanda can fly up and see me while I'm at UNC Charlotte. So blessed to have such wonderful and loving friends like Amanda. 😊
Security is so much less stressful when TSA agents aren't yelling at you and it's a small airport. Traveling is a breeze. And I feel so much more experienced when I wear heels to the airport 😂
Creepy dolls these days. At Walmart killing time because my flight was delayed twice.
I'm packed and ready to go, and she's still sleeping. I'm going to miss Amanda, but I'm not going to miss the Florida humidity and heat. It's cool indoors but you still wake up sweating it's so gross.

17 July 2016

Aha! A late-night Facetime call with Jacob made the last night of being in Florida a little sweeter. He's at Summer Ventures math program at UNC Charlotte so I was a little jealous to hear him know his way around campus better than me. He's having a lot of fun, although during the call his roommates were very loud and at one point almost broke down Jacob's door. 😳
Pokemon Go is keeping me from looking out the window 😂
Creepiest restaurant with amazing food that has a lot of cheese. Welcome to The Bubble Room on Captiva Island, Florida just north of Sanibel Island. We did go to the beach and swim a little but I never took any pictures. I'm awful at remembering to take pictures.
Apparently I'm not flying home tomorrow. Hmmm. Haha just kidding. But the printer sure doesn't want me to leave. Thank goodness Allegiant has an app that I can put my boarding pass on my phone 😅
Of course we also wandered IKEA Sunset looking for Pokemon and making puns out of the weird Swedish names. Ate dinner with the Hunters and Amelia's friend Darby. Got my own IKEA Family account and card so that I can get a free tea/coffee when I go there on campus. Would be a nice place to relax and study and get a piece of Chocolate Conspiracy Cake.

16 July 2016

We drove all the way to north Miami to go shopping at Sawgrass Mill Mall. Needless to say, that mall is HUGE and there are so many more watch and clothing and handbag stores than I ever thought existed 😱

15 July 2016

Swimming with distant lightning, picking up sticks to make a fire for smores, Pokemon hunting, finding a 5" long poisonous cane frog and spearing it with a pitchfork, running around the neighborhood at 10PM with large airsoft guns in our swimsuits shooting frogs, and talking nonstop in Russian accents. A wonderful evening.
Kilwin's on 5th Avenue in Naples and Pokemon hunting.
Coastland Center shopping and already these stores are lying about having Pokemon in there 🙄 I wanted to get one of these two hats for Connor's birthday.
Gilmore Girls every night until 2AM is becoming a tradition. I LOVE it so much. It's funny how Jared Padalecki plays a character "Dean" because his Supernatural show character's brother's name is Dean so it's very confusing. But Dean and Rory are my favorites, and Emily Gilmore drives me UP THE WALL.

14 July 2016

Walking the dogs as we walked Jackson home, and I FINALLY saw my first poisonous toads! At night, they're EVERYWHERE and you can hear them bouncing through the grass in the dark! More pokemon catching, too.
We went to Hibachi for dinner. I went here with Connor and the Hunters at Christmas time last year, too.
We actually drove around the neighborhood like weirdos catching Pokemon 😂 We got SOAKING WET after we were walking home and a sudden storm brewed. It's a lot of fun to play together, unless your phone won't load the app. 😒
Met Amanda's boyfriend Jackson who is sweet, funny, and a cool guy to hang out with! He helped us wash the dogs and joined in on more monopoly. He's recovering from mono though, so we're trying to steer clear of germs.

13 July 2016

More Goodwill and Coconut Point shopping today! Hit up the beauty stores and had Five Guys to beat the thunderstorm. Almost got struck by lightning!
I'm almost certain she won't pose for pictures until the last day I'm here.
Sewing lessons and "attempts" at sewing a DIY bralette. Two simultaneous FaceTime calls with four people, showing off college planners, and just chillin in Amanda's room with ice cream and more key lime pie, the "National pie of Florida" to quote her.

12 July 2016

Poppin tags at TJ Maxx, Ross, and two Goodwills. Found some spectacular goodies that I am so excited to wear and try out!
Watching Gilmore Girls, Kimmy Schmidt, Arrested Development, and a little Bob Ross with a cat that HAD fleas sleeping on my chest. 😳

11 July 2016

Special Edition Disney Monopoly and Ella Fitzgerald and Cheezits during a rainstorm
Decided to get Pub subs (sub sandwiches from Publix) and also go Pokemon hunting. Does she not look like Ted Cruz here?!
In flight and almost there!
Flight got delayed 10 minutes, which means 10 more minutes to read this book assigned for US History II on the Scopes Trial in Dayton, Tennessee.
Packing last minute items, making a hearty breakfast, and leaving for the airport with my dad in less than an hour! SO excited to see my amazing friend Amanda in Naples, Florida for a week as my personal summer vacation!