Italy · 3 Days · 9 Moments · October 2016

12 October 2016

Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvio Mt. Vesuvio closes early, hence we first went there and then came to Pompeii before taking a train back to Naples. There is also Herculaneum/Ercolano site. But due to shortage of time, we limited our visit with Pompeii. Both these sites are within walking distance from the station. Tip - wear comfortable walking shoes for the 30 min climb up Vesuvio. The view from the top will leave you breathless as will the climb up (literally). Once at the top, you can walk around and get a brilliant view of Amalfi, Naples bay and the surroundings. At Pompeii, the guide at the entrance quoted 20€ per person as the price for 1.5 hr tour. Finding it expensive, we decided to skip it. While we stood debating 'we-won't-understand-anything-without-a-guide' and 'but 20€-is-too-expensive' and 'maybe-we-should-take-audioguide', he came back and offered 12€ since he had found more people who wanted the tour. It was worth it, as it brought the place to life.
Pompeii and Mount Vesuvio These two sites are a must visit. We started our day by taking the train from Naples to Ercolano Scavi station (there are two ercolano stations) and then from there taking the Vesuvio Express bus located just outside the station. They charge 10€ for return fare and another 10€ for entry ticket to Vesuvio. It makes sense to take the entry ticket from them as otherwise the ticket counter is a bit of a walk from the bus parking. Be careful to note the departure time of the bus as they have a time validity and you would need to purchase another ticket to take another bus if you miss yours. The bus ride takes about 30 mins. If you ride the train till Pompeii, then there is a Busvia del Vesuvio bus service for a ride to the volcano.
Sorbillo and Di Matteo are two famous restaurants in Naples for Pizza. They are both located in the same vicinity that houses majority of museums and churches. Both are walking distance from Cappella Sansevero (veiled christ sculpture is preserved here). Both the places offer good pizza. The rates at Di Matteo is as low as 4€

11 October 2016

Mount Vesuvius
Mt. Vesuvio

10 October 2016

Pizza at Sorbillo
Naples Bay