South America, Europe · 425 Days · 88 Moments · July 2017

Around the world in 430 days!!!

1 September 2018

Brussels Birthday Fun :)

31 August 2018

It's time to leave Evian but I've had a great time here with the animation team :)

29 August 2018

My final swim in the lake :)

11 August 2018


28 July 2018

I may have chosen the worst day to visit with all this rain but I had a lovely little trip and safe to say I have tired my feet.

25 July 2018

Had a little stroll in Thonon with Dharani

29 June 2018

Had a great time kayaking, and I didn't just go round in circles!!

28 June 2018

Cableway from Stechelberg to Mürren Walk from Mürren to Grütschalp via Allmendhubel 9.2 km
Walk from Zweilütschinen to Stechelberg 9.2 km

27 June 2018

I can't spell my own name but had a great time learning about and making chocolate :D

26 June 2018

Climbed Harder Kulm

25 June 2018

Stunning train journey via Lucerne, walking tour and tasted the ruby chocolate :D

24 June 2018

Rhine Falls - Europe's biggest waterfall and Stein am Rhein

23 June 2018

Busy day started with a visit to a flea market, climbing the 187 steps in the Grossmünster, playing in some trams and looking down at the city from even higher at Uetliberg.

22 June 2018

Señorita, let me see you move like you come from Colombia 🇻🇪

21 June 2018

Had a lovely time celebrating this one's birthday

19 June 2018

A top finish to a delightful trip

18 June 2018

Spinalonga trip

17 June 2018

Naomi's Birthday at the waterpark :)

16 June 2018

It may have rained all day but we still know how to have fun <3

12 June 2018

Twas a fun little visit :D

10 June 2018

Montanejos Hot Spring

9 June 2018

I'm the king of the castle!

27 May 2018

Little visit to the Capital

4 April 2018


3 April 2018


2 April 2018

Las fallas museum

1 April 2018

Easter parade and Flamenco

31 March 2018


29 March 2018

Boat trip... before we got lost in the woods oops

20 March 2018

Las Fallas - The Masceltas at 2pm everyday are the loudest thing I have ever heard and hopefully ever will hear in my life! I lived 2 miles from the centre and they were still deafening. - It became very customary to set of fireworks and firecrackers at all times of day, even young children were Play in with firecrackers in the street and no-one batted an eye lid. - The Falleras paraded around the streets in their costumes and with their marching band. - Djs were on in the streets until 4am (so my sleeping pattern didn't appreciate it :P)

16 March 2018

Las Fallas Ninots - Each Ninot cost around 85,000 - 200,000 euros to make. - All but one Ninot was burnt on the last day.

11 March 2018

Hiking and rock climbing. Roughly 18km, it was very windy and tiring but really good fun :)

2 March 2018

Weekend in Mallorca. It felt like a British retreat. I had a full English for the first time in ages and steak and ale pie yum! Enjoyed getting slightly bevvy at the Prince William and even played football on the beach :O

25 February 2018

Día de la Crida de Las Fallas

18 February 2018

Córdoba - the final destination

17 February 2018

Cádiz Carnival

16 February 2018

Andalucía trip - Seville

15 February 2018

Andalucia trip - Granada Visited Alhambra gardens and toured the town. Went into the Cathedral which had Ribera paintings and tried orange wine.

11 February 2018

Toledo Cathedral - the second largest in Spain.
Toledo - Muslims, Jews and Christians lived in Toledo together which can be seen in the architecture of the Synagogues and churches influenced by Arabic styles. - El Greco lived in Toledo from 1577 until his death in 1614. - He painted The Disturbing of Christ 1577-1579 which is displayed in the Cathedral. - Many of his other works are displayed in Toledo including in el museo del greco, others can be found in El Prado in Madrid. - It was very common to paint decoration or brick patterns onto walls, this is present around the town as well as in the Cathedral. - Miguel de Cervantes lived in Toledo in 1584 for around 20 years and the town is quoted in Don Quixote. - The portrait Retrado de un caballero desconocido (Portrait of an unknown gentleman) by El Greco 1600-05 is rumoured to be Cervantes.

10 February 2018

The magical mystery tour

4 February 2018

Caves and Peñiscola

3 February 2018

A brief explore and double tapas

29 January 2018

First day of uni, went exploring and drank Sangria in a car park

28 January 2018

Purras (giant churros) needless to say we didn't finish them

12 January 2018

Edinburgh - 2 Capital cities only a week apart

10 January 2018

West Highland Way - Day 4 (our final day)

9 January 2018

West Highland Way - Day 3

8 January 2018

West Highland Way - Day 2

7 January 2018

West Highland Way - Day 1

6 January 2018

En route to start the West Highland Way

3 January 2018

London times

29 December 2017

Practice walk for the pennine way. It was very foggy so rethinking the plan.

14 December 2017

First time at the Opera 🎭

10 December 2017

1 day... 3 Christmas Markets :D Ribeavillé, Riquewihr and Kayersberg

7 December 2017

Visit to the European Parliament Each member speaks in their native language and translation are available in all 24 languages. 1/3 of the budget is spent on translation.

29 November 2017

Christmas market!

18 November 2017

Hiking in the black forest

12 November 2017

A lovely trip to Freiburg (before the storm hit and we almost got blown away and attacked with hail stones). We've been sat in wet clothes for over 4 hours and ready to go home!

11 November 2017

Armistice Day hike in the rain (and a bit of snow) 😨 🇩🇪🇫🇷

29 October 2017

Visit to the gingerbread museum

23 October 2017

I got them out the country!!

21 October 2017

Food and Barco Latino x

14 October 2017

Wine with the flatmates!

30 September 2017

First hike

24 September 2017

We waited an hour for these crepes 😅

23 September 2017

Colmar x

17 September 2017

Wine and cheese, pretending I'm french :)

3 September 2017

Strasbourg Cathedral Light show 🕯

27 August 2017

When I signed up to a hike, I didn't know I'd be climbing up the stream of a waterfall 😐

26 August 2017

Never met a guide so obsessed with selfies... just made it back to the bus on time 😅

25 August 2017

Arvi Park... the police may have told me off for going down the wrong road... twice :S

21 August 2017

One of the most beautiful places I have ever been x And despite our airbnb guy saying there was a chance of a hurricane, the weather was amazing and no-one seemed remotely concerned.

20 August 2017

Beautiful islands off San Andres

19 August 2017

So apparently the murky alligator lake is a beautiful lagoon you should go swimming in... I think I'll pass ;)

17 August 2017

My view during dwelling time (nap time) after paisa lunch and coffee

12 August 2017

The Botanical Garden has a lot more to offer than Corona ;)

7 August 2017

Flower festival 🌼🌻🌺

2 August 2017

Volunteering and hearing David Marquet speak :)

30 July 2017

Graffiti Tour

23 July 2017

Visiting the museum with KP

22 July 2017

Playa Blanca, Barú Snorkling was incredible 🐟🐠🐡🐙🐚

21 July 2017


17 July 2017


3 July 2017

Welcome to Colombia