United States of America · 29 Days · 95 Moments · August 2015

Family Summer Vacation 2015

10 September 2015

Said "Adieu" to our favorite place.
Said goodbye to Steve's grandpa Paul Dennis.
Packing up and getting ready to head back to civilization.

9 September 2015

Today we took a 4x4 drive down Burr Trail and out into the desert to Muley Twist! Had some great hikes and great views. My favorite was the triple arch that we "found" on our hike through Muley Twist!

8 September 2015

Today was "clean our fishing gear day". We took a short ride up towards Blind Lake. This was our view as we road the mountain. Steve fixed an incredible sautéed dinner and then later visited with the Springer Spaniel that walked by.

7 September 2015

Ended the day with a fishing trip to Lower Bowns. Steve and I caught a little over 50 fish together. Most of them ranging in the 12 inch to 18 inch range. Nice sized rainbow trout.
Today we took a quad trip to Fish Creek Cove to check out the petroglyphs.

6 September 2015

Met some really nice folk. One guy caught this little baby frog so I could take its picture. Most people hiked to the Tanks. Steve and I continued quite a way through the gorge and stopped for "Lunch on the Rocks".
The car road has been "closed" since we have been here. The road into wash was destroyed by a flash flood. Note the humongous boulders in the road. It was a 1 mile hike in just to get to the entrance of the gorge (last picture).
Decided to "hike" into Capitol Gorge Wash today. Here is a picture of the Golden Throne from the trail.

5 September 2015

Today we needed to restock our fruit supplies. Went to Capitol Reef Jackson Orchards "U-Pick" and get some new apples!!!

4 September 2015

Got back to camp just in time to our clothes and go to the..... Wayne HS Badgers Football Game with Hofdis, DeLyn, Tracy and Steve. They lost but it was a fun night!!
Stopped at Hog Wash and decided to hike the wash in search of petroglyphs (The Mokie Queen" and a waterfall. Unfortunately the stream was so overgrown with reeds that after hiking an hour and searching for.... the trail, we turned back. These were the only petroglyphs we found. But they were quite good!!!
Got to see The Bears Ears from afar in the rain. The Bears Ears is a spiritual place where the Navajo collect special plants and stuff for ceremonial purposes.
Yep wet and rainy and no pavement just a gravel road. You can see how the road winds up the cliff. And you can almost make out Steve talking to an English couple about their Triumph in the rain!! For quite a while!!!
Heading back to home camp. Got a glimpse of Monument Valley then up the Mokie Dugway road. Did I mention it was raining???
But WE DID IT!!!!!! Most exillerating hike I've been on! What an Amazing day!
The hike to the panel was challengingly rewarding!! The Wolf Panel was the best!!
On our way to the best site of all "The Wolf Panel" we ran into a group of men coming out of the canyon. It was the Governor of the Tsuque Pueblo tribe out of Santa Fe NM, the previous Governor, Joseph and a representative of the Friends of Cedar Mesa. They were great to talk to about the land, the Wolf Panel and politics. What a special treat. Then off we went to the Wolf Panel.
Next stop is Cedar Mesa. Headed to a ruin in the canyon. Very Cool.
Today is a HIKING kind of day. First went to the Sand Island Petroglyphs. An amazing newspaper panel of very old and more recent old petroglyphs.

3 September 2015

Passed by the Hatch Trading Post but it was closed. Made it to Bluff, UT. Ate at the Twin Rock Cafe and had Navajo Taco. YUUUUMMMYY! Ended up staying at the Desert Rose Hotel. Very nice accommodations!
Next stop, Lowreys Ruin in the Canyon of the Ancients. Great ruins. The KIVA was incredible! Read the little board about the Kiva. SOOOOO interesting! Any questions????
Stopped in Dolores CO. (Where the heck is that, you ask?). Population 936.
Canyon of The ancients Museum was Amazing!
Took off again and drove through beautiful countryside. Ended up in Colorado at the Canyon of the Ancients National monument.
Drove to Hovenweep National Monument and hiked the canyon looking at amazing ruins.

2 September 2015

Steve's been looking at maps again. Looks like we're going on another adventure. Drove up to Lake Powell Hite Crossing. Found a new Quadding trail in White Canyon.

1 September 2015

Ended our day sitting at Panarama Point in Capitol Reef NP (in the rain) waiting for the Sunset!!
Enjoyed the beauty of Maynard Dixon type views and clouds.
Stopped at the Hole in the Rock exhibit in Escalante.
Ended up at the Escalante Museum. (Where daddy found the 2nd favorite book "1493". He's devouring the first one entitled "1491" (thanks Melissa and Justin).
Took a trip down Hwy 12 today. Always one of my favorites.

31 August 2015

Another gorgeous evening with rain over Boulder Mtn.
Dinner tonight was made with our purchase at the farmers market!! Sautéed: chard, purple beans, kale, fresh garlic, patty pan squash and chicken!! It was delish!!
Picked peaches this afternoon in the Fruita Orchards! Soooo sweeeet! On our way back to camp we spotted this deer with an amazing rack!!
New day, new hike, new canyon, same orange backpack!
The narrows! Half way! Saw come Chukker on our hike. They were not afraid of us! So cute. At the end (really the beginning) of the Grand Wash (which was closed due to flooding) we saw the tractor repairing the washed out road. The parking lot was empty.

30 August 2015

The end of a beautiful "Stormy" day. Goodnight to all !
The South rim view. We're thinking its time to head back. There's thunder in them there clouds. A storm's a brewing! Yep! We got caught!
More pictures of our hike. What an amazing canyon. Felt like we were on top of the world.
Today (Sunday) took a hike up Cohab trail. This is where the pioneers of Fruita would send their plural wives so they would not get caught with too many wives.

29 August 2015

Walked to town to the Farmers Market (con entertainment). Bought farm fresh veggies for our salad and dinners.
Guess where we drove today⁉️. Guess what we saw⁉️

28 August 2015

Fished Lower Bowns this afternoon! (I drifted into the weeds and had to kick myself out!).
Back at camp we met a new friend. His name is Bosco! What a sweetheart!
Coming down a steep slick rock embankment!! Whew! Made it!
Rode past the Velvet Ridge! (I was followed by a dragonfly the whole way! He was adorable!)
Found this amazing red rock formation. And Steve looked for. . . You guessed it petroglyphs or pictographs.
Today was a beautiful day to go quadding. Steve spent some time looking for arrowheads and I read my book and waited patiently.

27 August 2015

Today was a "get things done" kind of day. Quads repacked, fishing flies reorganized, float tubes loaded on truck, rain gear and wind gear washed and repacked. Ready for the next day's adventures.

26 August 2015

ꁅꂦ꓄ ꀤꈤ ꍏ ꌗ꓄ꍏꎭꀸꂦꎇꎇ ꅏꀤ꓄ꃅ ꍏ ꉓꂦꅏ!!
Today is a "R͜͡A͜͡I͜͡N͜͡Y͜͡ D͜͡A͜͡Y͜͡"! decided to take a little drive

25 August 2015

єи∂ σf ∂αу!!! иσω fσя α ¢συρℓє нαи∂ѕ σf нєαятѕ!!
These buffalo "tatunka" are along our drive down Hwy 24. Spotted them on the way to the Big City (Richfield ) to get RV supplies, a footstool and a diet coke.
Took our morning walk down Sand Creek. The Rabbit Bush is beginning to bloom. Took a picture of our "home RV Park".

24 August 2015

Today "Scout" decided to take us on a hike up, up, up and away...!!! signed ~Boo
WE MADE IT!!!! I'm not gonna lie..... I hate "uphill"!!! But the Cassidy Arch was spectacular!(look closely you can just spot "Scout on top of the arch!). Coming back down......."Cake"❗️

23 August 2015

Dinner tonight, veggie fajita pasta con Carne Asada (thanks Melissa ❤️).
Sunday is the day we stay home and relax (and do laundry).

22 August 2015

Last day with Melissa Justin and Clay. Took a drive to Fish Lake and visited the "old Skogaards Lodge".

21 August 2015

Stopped by Millers Lake to do a little fishing and just when we were ready to get in we got hit by a rain/hail, thunder and lightning kind of storm. We tried to wait it out.... Wasn't gonna happen.
First lake we found "water dogs"! So cute! Clay caught them so we could check them out!
Took a ride on the wild side. All the way to Boulder top.

20 August 2015

Quadding thru Cathedral Valley. All the way to Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon in Capitol Reef NP.

19 August 2015

Last stop of the day....lower Bowns for a little fishing. It was an amazing night! EVERYONE was catching Rainbow Trout.
Even spotted some fresh mountain lion tracks.
Clay played "Spider man" and was climbing the walls. Crazy kid.
Made it to the hidden Springs. (One of our favorite places to rest and explore.)
While waiting for Steve to bring the truck and trailer Clay and I checked out the corral. Clay even caught a lizard.
We always stop and look for arrowheads.
Today we rode the Rosebud (ATV) Trail. Beautiful day (until one of our quads lost its shoe).

18 August 2015

The hike home to........ WATER!!!!!
Calf Creek is the goal! Hard hike in 100 degree weather. BEAUTIFUL! And worth the hike.
Today is a hiking day. 3 miles in and 3 miles out!!

17 August 2015

A little stop off at Round Lake on the way home.
Today was a WIN WIN kinda day. Got up, loaded the quads and headed to Donkey Reservoir. At the reservoir we caught a total of 63 fish between us all! Great job Steve, Justin, Melissa, Clay (and I caught 5).

16 August 2015

Guess who finally showed up! All the wsy from Cali! Thanks Nancy and Bill.
Jumping Picture with the cray cray family.
Head 'em out, Pilgrim.
Justin's "selfie" with the new "selfie stick ". (He said he was trying to repair it.... Wink wink)
Kings Pasture (which was packed with people and fishermen.
A visit at the Anasazi State Park!
The day begins with Pancakes and Sausage!

15 August 2015

Goodnight ya'll.
Camp night! Melissa is that a "AmazeBalls"?
Hobo Stew!!!! And look who showed up! More family!!
More hiking in the Gulch.
Hiking Grand Gulch! With the FAM!
Breakfast at camp. Scones with Honey and powdered sugar, Bacon and OJ!!

14 August 2015

My family L❤VES that I take their pictures
Made the trip home and back to get out quads. Marni, Marki, Kirk and Tait made it here safely!

13 August 2015

Our Journi started this morning AFTER Steve's walk and my Zumba. (Gotta keep things in perspective).