China · 1 Days · 12 Moments · March 2017

Nanjing in the Spring!

5 March 2017

Nanjing Massacre Memorial
Nanjing Massacre Memorial
Visit to the Nanjing Massacre Memorial.

4 March 2017

Exciting Nanjing street food around Fuzimiao!
Fuzimiao area of Nanjing by night!
The walk to the Ming Tomb.
I love this set of 3 photos. I was taking a photo of the doorway when this boy decided to run up to the doors to try to open them. People getting in photos in China is no surprise, however unusually his mother shouted and called him back as she could see I was taking a photo of the doorway. The end result, however, became a trilogy of photos that I really love!
The entrance to the Ming Xiaoling Tomb.
Leading up to the Ming Tomb complex.
We set off from school early on Saturday morning to Changzhou North Station, on the bullet line from Shanghai to Beijing. The average train to Nanjing only takes 35 - 40 minutes so it's amazing we've lived in Changzhou for nearly 3 years and only now are we managing to make it to visit Nanjing! After dropping our bags at the Fairmont (our bargain splurge hotel - we could never stay in a 5* hotel like this in London!!) and swinging by Wagas (yes, Nanjing is a 2nd tier city and has our favourite Shanghai chains of Wagas and Element Fresh!) we set off to explore Nanjing's Purple Mountain. This huge park is home to the Ming Emperor tombs, Sun Yat Sen Memorial and, in March and April, the famous plum blossoms. It's a bit early in the season so the trees weren't at the height of their bloom but it was still beautiful and easy to see how stunning the area will be in 2-3 weeks!