Indonesia · 3 Days · 7 Moments · April 2017

Voyage in Jogjakarta, Indonesia

16 April 2017

We got up early this morning to enjoy breakfast (the worker there will prepare the food once you were at the table) and had a few hours to relax while waiting for our rental motorbike to be arrived as we planned to go to Timang Beach for another sunset. This part was a bit stressful when the person who supposed to deliver the motorbike didnt show up, and even received a late reply from them only after we got another rental bike (We had to ask for a help from the owner of guesthouse that we were staying. Thank God!). Due to that we only checked in to another guesthouse at 3 plus. And we were behind the schedule. 😔 Side note: Please get the rental bike only from the place that you were staying. Do not trust any online rental to avoid "no show".

15 April 2017

Since we checked in a bit too late, we didnt do much during the day time except walking around & eat our (late) lunch at restaurant near Jl. Kemitbumen. You can try any restaurant there as mostly provided gudeg, ONLY if you dont eat spicy food. I've tried but not into it because the dishes were sweet (rice + fried chicken + jackfruit). After that, we walked to see the sunset near Alun Alun Utara. Pretty much it as we went back to the guesthouse to freshen up. Later that night we walked for 5 mins to Alun Alun Selatan & here you can see some attractions where they have neon modified cars (lighted odong-odong), also a game where people walking pass the twin banyan trees with eyes blindfolded & kids playing with flying bubbles. They have variety of food stalls too but I dont dare to try any of it (afraid my stomach couldnt handle). Similar to what you have in your country but in different ways. 😊 Side note: Please drop by at the batik shop nearby or try susej mercun (super spicy!)
After checked out, we went straight to the next place which is in the city. We got lost during the trip even the uber guy couldnt find the place because the guesthouse is actually inside the alley area where only motorbike can go through. And this time around, you cant really depend on google map since the guests who came here before pinned it wrongly (something like that, I forgot the whole story act). After an hour of struggling and walking around, we finally found the place & I can tell you it worth the exhaustion. This place called The Patio Jogja and the entrance of the alley is in front of TempatKerja. The owner was super friendly! He is an interior designer from Belgium and owned this guesthouse for 2 years now. No wonder the house looks so awesome! Worth my 180k idr. Side note: Please read the direction stated in Agoda or to avoid getting lost.
We woke abit early on the next day, enjoyed our breakfast (the breakfast was quite heavy so you may need to request an advance for a light breakfast) and went out for sightseeing before we move to the next guesthouse. The resort was in the middle of paddy fields, so you get to see this awesome view and take a fresh air before heading back to the city. Something that you need, because the air here was quite dusty (please buy a mask if you plan to ride a bike for the whole trip) 😊 or else you might get sick.

14 April 2017

After the visit, we went back to the hotel and freshen up again before we shoot to Malioboro Street. We didnt take any photos here, maybe due to the tiredness and crowded place. We just went there for a dinner, bought a batik pants (because my jeans was too tight for the next day activities) and shoot back to the resort.
After few hours cooling off and freshen up, we went to Prambanan Temple, just near the place we stay, to see the sunset. You can rent a motorbike at the resort with only 5,000 idr for 24 hours and follow the instruction in google map. Once you reached there, you must try nasi + ayam kremes with soda gembira at Warung Makan Bu Prapti, in front of the motorbike entrance. Parking Fee (motorbike) : 3,000 idr Entrance Fee : 60,000 idr (for 2)
First day arrived, we checked in at Joglo Ayem Tantrem somewhere in the middle of villages. Such a peaceful place, with interiors made from woods mostly, this is the place for you to stay when you are always 24hrs in the city area. (I couldnt pinned the exact place jn the map, but please use google map to find this place) Side note: Please make sure to buy a simcard once you got out from the airport. You may need to walk a bit because stalls are on the left side of the airport. This is a must because you need it to find locations. (DONT TRUST THE TAXI DRIVER THERE!, we got ripped off and lost 150k idr for less than 9kms trip). You can try find an uber there or take the taxi but ask them to on the meter.