Europe, North America · 11 Days · 23 Moments · September 2015

Nancy's voyage in The Bahamas

13 September 2015

Last time at Señor Frog

12 September 2015

The Bahamas are truly beautiful. White sand, turquoise water, palm trees, good food from pretty much anywhere in the world, blue skies and it's hot even when it rains which doesn't happen often. Nassau - the capital - is small by any standard. The local bus will take you almost anywhere and it's cheap but doesn't really stick to a schedule. One will come eventually. There are a few sights that you can pretty much cover in a day and some interesting museums. The best so far was the Pirates of Nassau, where you walk through a 'pirate ship in a port'. The Bahamians are very friendly and helpful and I really don't have a thing to complain about.
Cable Beach, Nassau

11 September 2015

Sunset at Junkanoo Beach
Queen's Staircase, Nassau
Bahamian flowers
Random pix
A stroll through the local supermarket

10 September 2015

Paradise Island

9 September 2015

A Sunday
Along the water
Caught a pirate
Breakfast at Athena's Café and Bar a Greek restaurant
Back to Nassau

8 September 2015

Downtown Freeport, Grand Bahama Island

7 September 2015

Today in Nassau. So lovely. Especially the colorful booths at the port.

6 September 2015

Made it to Nassau. Slight rain but that stopped soon enough. The humidity tried to kill me but so far I've won.
Now Heathrow.
Zurich Airport. Less than an hour till take off. Next stop London.

3 September 2015

This is what I'm leaving behind weather-wise. Now that wasn't all that hard.