North America, Europe, Asia · 12 Days · 16 Moments · May 2017

Baltic Cruise

3 June 2017

Back to Copenhagen to see a bit more of the city before heading home

2 June 2017

We spent the day in Gothenburg Sweden. We visited the Botanical Gardens where we saw the "handkerchief tree".

31 May 2017

29 May 2017

We visited St Petersburg Russia for two days. Our tour guide Helen was fabulous. Included was St. Issac cathedral and Church of the Spilt Blood. This church was built where Alexander 1st was assassinated. All done in mosaic tile. Hermitage Museum -one of the largest museums in the world created by Catherine the Great

28 May 2017

Spend day in Tallinn Estonia. Went to new Tallinn where we visited Peter the Great summer resident along with cemetery. After we went to Old Tallinn and walked to city center stopped and had beer and shopped. Karin was are guide she was very good

26 May 2017

Friday we visited Rostock Germany with our guide Dieter. We visited monastery of nuns then walked through downtown Rostock. We also visited ST. Mary's church where we saw the oldest astrological clock with its original time works. It went from 1885 thru 2017. Another panel will be installed at the end of 2017

24 May 2017

Tivolli Gardens
Copenhagen- Tivoli Gardens. We spent time in Tivolli gardens the evening we arrived in Copenhagen. Had Dinner with all at Mazolli Italian Restaurant. Doesn't get Dark till 10 pm

23 May 2017

Catching out flight to New York then off to Copenhagen. Board flight Norwegian Air at Midnight!! Will arrive at 1:35 pm. Getting on ship Thursday at noon! Cruising the Baltics.