Switzerland · 2 Days · 29 Moments · August 2015

Hiking in and around Arosa, Switzerland

23 August 2015

The way back
Finally the big one
What a view
The smaller of the two waterfalls.
On the way.
And crossing a river.
Today's destination: two waterfalls. But first passing the tracks and somehow train tracks always make me a bit melancholy.

22 August 2015

Made it.
Almost at the second lake.
And from the other side.
Älplisee from up above
Up up up
On the 'road'
Getting started.
On top looking down. Hearing the cows in the distance, bells ringing.
Sitting in such a gondola right now
On our way to another hiking trip.
Obersee in Arosa

21 August 2015

Safe and sound on the sofa again and only a bit sore.
The way back
And finally lunch
Found some cows
Still in the mountains
In the mountains
Today hiking out to the Ochsenalp. It's more like walking but anyway.
Arosa is actually where I live but it's always fun to explore the places you think you know best.