Asia, Europe · 13 Days · 14 Moments · September 2017

Nancy and Jay's Scandinavian Adventure

14 September 2017

Last day in London and ready to come home tomorrow. Went to the British Museum. It's overwhelming!

13 September 2017

Busy day today in London. Saw St Paul's cathedral, the changing of the guard, the Tower of London, and the maritime museum in Greenwich. The traffic is terrible with construction happening at 3700 (!) sites around town Visited Selfridges after dinner

12 September 2017

Reluctantly left the ship 🚢 and made our way to London. Visited the royal mews and Buckingham Palace. The queen is in Scotland so she wasn't able to join us for tea

11 September 2017

Belgium 🇧🇪 known for beer (1800 brands), chocolate and canals w We saw Ghent and Bruges

10 September 2017

A beautiful day in Amsterdam on a quiet Sunday morning. Saw the city on a bus then on a boat. Very pretty

9 September 2017

A quiet , beautiful day at sea. Good time to sleep and read

8 September 2017

BTW the Crown Jewels of Denmark are pretty pathetic compared to those of England
Today was Copenhagen Denmark. It rained all day and traffic was worse than LA! Visited the Rosenborg castle. Jay had a craving for apleskivers (sic) But we didn't find any !😐

7 September 2017

A beautiful day in Isbey Sweden. It's a vacation island off the mainland. Very pretty and also a medieval town with a wall. Tomorrow Copenhagen

6 September 2017

Another OMG. Who knew kind of day. Today we spent in Riga Latvia. The architecture is beautiful. There's a combo of Art Deco, modern, gothic, and more. All beautifully constructed and well maintained. Once the Soviets left they got busy rebuilding the city and the economy. They have a national holiday for the summer solstice

5 September 2017

Yesterday in Tallin Estonia. Very nice--who knew?! It's an ancient city with walls combined with modern architecture. Once the Soviets left the economy took off

3 September 2017

Last night we went to Catherine's Palace. It was an amazing place especially for a "summer palace "

2 September 2017

Saw the Hermitage today.
We've arrived in St Petersburg and saw the Hermitage museum