North America, Asia · 28 Days · 64 Moments · August 2017

Patterson Black adventure in South Korea

5 September 2017

tim's for breakfast... proof of being in Atlantic Canada. Was home in time to teach my 10 am class... Albeit via Halifax for the night.

4 September 2017

The trip is not over until its over. Most of my travel was happily unevrntful, but he last leg of à my homeward travel was delayed, twice and then cancelled (thunder storms in Toronto). I will now be travelling via Halifax tonight (departing midnight) getting to Moncton tomorrow morning. This is why travel is not much fun.

3 September 2017

Last meal in Singapore: Formosa hand shaved noodles in the basement food court adjacent ti gift fruits from Japan (nb 1 Singapore $ = 0.9 $ cdn). My big bowl of noodles with egg, pork and veggies cost 4.90$. Culture shocks.

2 September 2017

As seen in piblic advertising in Singapore.
So tonight at thw buffet dinner there was a Durian pudding. This is made with the fruit that is npt allowed on public transit. It smells like sweaty socks. Some of us enjoyed the flavour. Others less so.
Street scenes... Hanging high rise laundry (how do they keep it from falling?) And irban greening.

1 September 2017

At the National Gallery of Singapore which is located in the former city hall and Supreme court building from the period of British colonialism.
Street culture in Singapore.
Fun and learning at the National museum of Singapore.

31 August 2017

Enjoying a Singpore sling where it all began at Raffles Hotel in Singapore!
Amazing city of Singapore. Loved the zoo and transit and downtown. Nice to not be in meetinga for a couple of days!

30 August 2017

Met Singporean colleague also graduated from Ind. Engineering at TUNS in Halifax at Hfess Symposium.

29 August 2017

At the symposium of the 30th anniversary of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Singpore. Presenting a keynote tomorrow. Enjoying the presentations and posters today. At the Singapor University of Social Sciences. kudos to the organisers.

28 August 2017

Last of my last meal in Shanghai. Dim sum pork, mushroom and cabbage dumplings. At Pu Dong airport.
Useful towel for Chinese lessons. Note hand signs for numbers.
Good friends in Shanghai: Yulia, Sparky and Silver.

27 August 2017

Lovely evening at Crystal Jade restaurant in downtown Shanghai with old friend Andreas A. Veuve Cliquot in the foyer! We didn't partake in the party.
Had a "popular strawberry" ice tea type drink with Dragon fruit chunks in this terrific glass.
In a watertown market Xinchang (Shanghai) with my guide Silver K. Whimsical statues, old buildings and store with clothing, crafts, food, beads, and othee items I did not recognise.
On the Bund. Great photo ops and then to the Fairmont Peace Hotel with Silver.
Nice park across from Jingan Temple, where Silver and I got freshly sqeezed watermelon juice!
Jingan Temple, Shanghai dating from 247 AD, but which was ised as plastics factory starting at the time of the cultural revolution and was only renovated back to its original state starting in 1983.

26 August 2017

I (alone) am now in Shanghai. On the way to our feiends' home (1.5 h drive mostly on the highway at 80 km /h ... It's an immense city) I snapped a few photos. Not the Chinese flag's bright red against the muted colours of the distant city. And when we were off the highway I saw motorcycles and bicycles sharing a lane adjacent to the cars... Lots not wearing helmets nd somwtimea carrying 3 people or other large loads.
The incredibly hard to find hotel quartz shin-Osaka. Even my second night there I got lost and went south rather than north. An extra 1 walk... Bit I discovered the red light district! And yes, I finally made it to the hotel.

25 August 2017

The incredible mount Fuji as viewed from the train from Tokyo to Shin Osaka.
The 5 people who came to see me off at Kofu train station. Thw older ones were taught by Aunt Margaret. The younger ones are now the heads of Yamanashi Eiwa Girla school, started 128 years ago by Canadian missionaries recognizing the absence of educational opportunities for girls.

24 August 2017

I spent the afternoon with former staff and students of Yamanashi Eiwa girl's school where Aunt Margaret taught for 3 years, 1953-6. Current vice principal on back right and principal, on back left: Takaka Mitsui then took myself and my host Fumiko Enomoto to a lovely traditional dinner in private dining room surrounded by rice paper walls and on tatami mat. Gustatory adventure!

23 August 2017

Last full day as a family in Japan. Hiroshima castle and the art gallery. The tree is one that survived the atomic blast 700 m from the epicentre. Tomorrow William Eleanor and John return home

22 August 2017

In Miyajima for the day. Saw the incredible o torii in the water (at high tide in any case) and its associated shrine. Then Eleanor, William and I took the "ropeway" (cable car) most of the way up mount Misen where there were incredible views. They justified the fatigue and sweat required to get there. It was 34 deg today... Before considering the high humidity.

19 August 2017

Wonderful museum with interesting variety of artefacts from a few hundred years bc (pottery) then bronze (mirrrors, bells, swords), calligraphy, statues, and clothing (shogun +). No photos aloud inside. Sun is very bright.
Interesting ways to relieve the heat at bus stops: water mist sprayed toward waiting passengers.
While we were searching for lunch (successfully, found a small restaurant with little atmosphere but yummy authentic Japanese food), we happened upon a huge warren of shopping streets and the famous Nishiki food market. Exiting by Daimaru basement where we found Paul Bocuse bakery items (memories of Lyon). Guess what we'll have for breakfast!
The imperial palace in Kyoto. No entry fee and a "rest area" with introductory videos (English and Japanese) in air conditioned room. Lovely complement to the site.

18 August 2017

Kyoto groceries... Fishies in convenient packs.
Famous rock garden + at Ryoanji temple. Interesting how 15 rocks in a bed i Of white gravel can attract people from around the world!
First temple visited in Kyoto. Kinkakuji is covered in gold leaf.
Now in Kyoto. Lovely flight with Asiana, Including dinner (rice, beef, veg, garlic & optional Korean red chili sauce)! All this on a 1.6 h flight! Flying out of Gimpo was relaxing, except that Everett left from Incheon! At least was discovered that before departing from the hotel! Our current lodgings are located as advertised: very near the train stn ... And small. The children are unimpressed. Get what you pay for!

16 August 2017

Main royal palace and grounds in downtown Seoul. Last cultural stop pf the tour (except for dinner in Insadong where we also shopped).
Another great lunch. Soup with a small chiken stuffed with rice,ginsengand date.
Taken of the DMZ which separates south from north Korea.

15 August 2017

Great show with minimal talking (mostly in English), with break-dancing, a Capella singing, physical comedy, beat-boxing and improv. Everett was invited on stage, with on of the young women of our group for a pizza romantic dinner.😄
Special banquet hosted by the Minister PVA for our group with our ancestors on banners around the room. Nancy at head table!

14 August 2017

Today's main activity was a lunch at the Blue house in honour of those who were patriots during 1945s independence from Japan and us representing descendents of Korean independence fighters. Quite the experience and opportunity.

13 August 2017

At the reunification Bell in the centre of Korea... Surrounded by granite (signifying strength and resolve) and run from north to outh and south to north. The overhead points come together as a show of unity.
Night in feont of Sungmyeum Gate at night and sunrise from our room in the Seoul millennium hilton (there are advantages to jet lag!)

12 August 2017

At Independence Hall where we learned about the origin of the Korean people (dynasties). Then about periods of subjugation by the Japanese. Unfortunately, not enough time for the other 5 galleries. Entry with massive monument (hands praying for unity) sculptures and flag. Tomorrow is independence day!
Wearing the Hanbok, thanks to the MPVA in Korea.
This morning the group visited the Seoul National Cemetery. This is the monument at the entrance. Dr. Oliver R Avison was cited as having invited Dr. Scholfield who, while an MD recorded demonstrations which he sent to world press organisations, allowing the world to learn about atrocities being committed against Koreans during occupation. Dr Scholfield chose to be buried in Korea... Among the Patriots.

11 August 2017

This is just a portion on the different foods that were served on the first evening of the programme by the Korean ministry of patriots and veterans affairs for descendents of Korea Independence fighters (including Dr Oliver R Avison.
A vertical parking lot? Saw one with elevator for cars... Useful in crowded downtown Seoul.
Thanks for the Manchester tailor suggestion cousin Peter, and bargaining suggestion. Lots yet to learn.
As seen in Lotte Mart, large grocery store in Seoul.
Sights from art and photos growing up: South gate of Seoul and the old train stn, being renovated.
Itaewan suit and clothing shopping mecca in Seoul. We'll look good back home (Everett & John).

10 August 2017

Then on to Severance Medical hospital.. Museum, archives, tour. Then after lunch at Allen Hall also on Yonsei campus, we had a tour of that institute. There at the Luce chapel Jesusa' ministry depicted with Koreans !
This morning we started with a walk in Namsan park. It's just across the street and up the hill A walled park with 2 monuments on significant historical figures, related to South Korea's independence. Misty and warm.

9 August 2017

First night we asked for a recommendation of a good Korea bbq restaurant. This one in the Itaewan neighbourhood included a driver to pick us up and bring us back. Eleanor was too tired, so she and John got some baked goods from the hotel shop and I and the boys had an adventure! Bbq over table top coal cooker with local vent hood. The service was great, and we experienced new foods and bbq beef and sweetened rice water and mild kimchi.
We're in Seoul!

8 August 2017

On board for the flight to Korea. Pretty full flight.
We just met up with friends at Pearson. Now waiting to pass customs again.
Fighting over who gets the window seat.
We are on the first leg of our trip... Toronto! Taxi at 5:30 am. Thanks Mr. Driver for pulling over to let me check that I had my cellphone. All's good. Nice travelling with teens.