United Kingdom · 4 Days · 6 Moments · June 2018

Nahil & Justin’s adventures in United Kingdom

2 July 2018

Our final day in London was the most memorable of all! We had breakfast with Hameed & Mezghan at The Breakfast Club restaurant. Based off of the pictures, one could assume we “carb-a-diem-ed” big time. #TeamEffort. With full bellies we walked to the Abbey to attend our tour! It. Was. Spectacular. I fell in love with every memorial, stained glass artwork, and sculpture. The magnitude of the Abbey was so unique compared to anything I’ve ever seen before. Just trying to wrap your head around the historical and modern purposes it plays was a challenge. It was found by Benedictine monks in 969 A.D. and was created by Henry III. It has more then 3,300 famous people buried inside, and amongst them was Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin. Fascinating!!! Thank you to world history classes and HBO’s The Tudors 🙌🏼. We then explored Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, and had a delicious Thai dinner in Soho! Soho was a very lively place— def going back!Tomorrow we leave bright and early for PARIS

1 July 2018

Nayo and I started off our day with pancakes for the second day in a row. We then grabbed some coffee and took the tube to Soho. There were so many Ferraris, BMWs, and Bentleys casually parked on the sides of the street. I was impressed. Nayo couldn’t care less. However, we both enjoyed the many brick buildings and various architectural styles. We met up with Mezhgan and Hameed to do some site seeing. After stopping in a BMW show room and drooling over some motorcycles and cars, we walked through Hyde Park. There were many noteworthy landmarks along the way, but King Albert’s monument was by far the most impressive. Al must’ve been kind of a big deal, as he had this massive gold structure erected in his honor. I wonder what I’d look like in gold... After zigzagging through the park, we stopped into the Natural History Museum for a bit and saw the most complete stegosaurus around. He was pretty neat, but I’ve seen more complete dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. Step up your game London.

30 June 2018

Best breakfast ever at Where The Pancakes Are.
First full day of sightseeing and exploring! Breakfast was to die for! We went to an adorable spot, Where The Pancakes Are, it’s under a railway arch within the new Flat-Iron Square development on Southwark. Had the most scrumptious pancakes I’ve ever had in my life! I got a banana praline marshmallow pancake, and Justin got the All American pancake. Best. Pancakes.Ever. While attempting to burn off the heavy carbs from our last two meals we walked from our apartment to every sight we could see! Ventured to Big Ben, outside of the Abbey, Parliament, London Eye, Saint James Park, and Buckingham Palace. Fell in love with the outside of Abbey, so we’re definitely getting tickets to explore the inside soon! Walking is probably one of my favorite parts of the entire trip. We’ve walked a total of 8 miles so far today! We’re able to see cute neighborhoods, restaurants, and city life for the natives. About to head downstairs to a local pub to catch the World Cup game England vs. France!
After taking a nap, we stopped in for a bite at India Est. restaurant just around the corner from our Airbnb. We ordered basmati rice, naan, chicken tikka masala, and gin cocktails. The gin concoction was naandescript, lacking flavor; however, we were both pleased with the food. The tikka masala was less oily / buttery than we’re used to and had more of a tomatoey taste to it. We were fans. After feeling slightly guilty for devouring our meals, we decided to go for a walk. We ended up exploring the area near the London Bridge and decided after seeing it from afar, that we should walk across it. Over the years I’ve heard so many people say that London Bridge is falling down. I’ve found the rumors to be unsubstantiated and downright false. I decided to test its structural integrity by lightly tapping on one of its posts with my hand and it remains intact. Just goes to show you, you can’t believe everything you read or hear.

28 June 2018

TOUCHED DOWN IN LONDON TOWN! We made it! For those of you that were worried about us going on an unfamiliar airline— not to worry! I have to say, we were pleasantly surprised by Thomas Cook Airlines for being in the economy class. Lots of leg room, decent-ish meal options, great movie selection, complimentary earbuds, and MANY clean bathrooms! Not to mention it was a nonstop redeye flight. Can’t complain! It’s very popular in the EU, so I’d suggest using it if you’re traveling from the USA for sure. Our tickets round trip during peak season for the both of us totaled to $1500. *GET THE MOMONDO APP PEOPLE! Serious game changer for finding cheap flights everywhere!* Heavy wallets=happy travels Just walked into our Airbnb on Ayres Street! Surrounded by cute pubs, little restaurants, and lots of “happening” spots. Great location overall. The Airbnb is on the ...how do you say...tiny side. Sort of ..kind of.. forgot the flats can be itty bitty. Nonetheless, it’ll do for the next 5 days!