Italy, Netherlands · 86 Days · 53 Moments · January 2015

Nadieh's voyage in Italy

17 April 2015

After all these adventures my journey came to an end today. Arrivederci Italia!

16 April 2015

Another week of Italy, but this time with friends. On the program: Bologna, Murano, Venice, Po Delta and Verona!

11 April 2015

Guess what? They threw me a party on my last normal school day. Is it possible to get impregnated by food? It sure felt like a possibility...

3 April 2015

Lisa: "Look, the sea!" Nadieh: "I see"

29 March 2015

I went to Verona and touched "Giulietta's boob". It is supposed to find me a boyfriend. I don't know if it will work. What I do know is that it was more than a little awkward..

25 March 2015

Bed&Breakfast Bazzan has officially been opened: two Spanish boys, one Dutch girl, an Italian family of four and... two bathrooms. This is bound to be fun!

24 March 2015

There are only two words that have the power to describe Venice - breathtakingly beautiful.

23 March 2015

Today I went to the only delta in Italy. It had birds and water and more birds and some more water and some other birds and... You get the picture.

15 March 2015

I just met Jacob - my second Italian ice cream. Unfortunately there are no pictures of him available, as he was devoured before he had the chance to take a selfie...

14 March 2015

Just another day in paradise...

8 March 2015

Meet the Italians: Ilaria, Michela, Giulia, Giorgia and Lisa!
Playing with food, because that is how grown-up I am... Who wants to be an adult? I want to be a unicorn!

7 March 2015

Victory shall be mine. I will finish this pizza!

6 March 2015

Today is a beautiful day. This is the view from prison... I mean the classroom ;)

4 March 2015

Become like a bird, expand your wings, learn new things and fly as high as you can. Unless you are this bird, then just sit on some wires and enjoy the view...

3 March 2015

I saw something moving in the corner of my eye. Often this is just a trick of the mind, but this time it was a mouse. In the living room. Long live the countryside!
Do you know the saying 'having your head in the clouds'? Well I had that this morning. Literally...

1 March 2015

Watching boys play water polo. You won't hear me complaining...

26 February 2015

Turns out that I am the only person that speaks Spafrelian fluently. The woman of the Spanish theatre company said the Spanish word 'chao'. It has the same pronunciation and roughly the same meaning as the Italian 'ciao', but it is a 100% Spanish word. I am alone once again...

25 February 2015

I went to see a Spanish theatre company today. You guessed it: I couldn't understand a thing. One of the performers said 'ciao', though. I'm not Spanish, but I'm pretty sure 'ciao' is Italian. Seems like I'm not the only one that speaks Spafrelian!

23 February 2015

Lisa: "I think I have just eaten a small insect. Oh well, it will come out the other end." Just another casual conversation when cycling home...

19 February 2015

I had my first Italian test today: a presentation about myself. The test was a surprise and so was my lack of understanding of the Italian language. Yes, I wrote the test in Spafrelian. This is a strange combination of Spanish, French and Italian, if you were wondering...
Early morning walks to school. Got to love them. Except, well, the fact that my toes decided to almost fall off halfway through. Seriously - Italy is cold.

16 February 2015

Calories - tiny creatures that live in your closet and sew your clothes a little bit tighter every night.

15 February 2015

Meet Carla - my first Italian ice cream. I murdered her in cold blood!

14 February 2015

I have found the first drool-worthy Italian boy. It's a petty I can't see much without my glasses on. Still, I might be going to this swimming pool more often...

11 February 2015

"You just put your hands like this and your mouth like this and than you just basically do 'ppffffrttttss'!"
Note to self: check at what level the volume is before you plug in your headphones and start watching a video. This will prevent you from getting damage done to your ears. And you won't have a heart attack...

10 February 2015

What do you do when you are wearing gloves? You just casually take the picture with your nose of course.

8 February 2015

I'm spending my sunday afternoon at the swimming pool, watching Lisa get kicked, scratched and screamed at. Waterpolo is such a lovely sport...

7 February 2015

I have failed once again... These pizza's are impossible to finish. Nadieh: 0 Pizza: 2
I know what you are thinking, but this is not a cup filled with cream. This, my dear friends, is the most amazing cup of hot chocolate I have ever had!
I saw and I conquered!

6 February 2015

They said that there wouldn't be a lot of wind in Italy. Well... They lied... Again. I think I won't ever be able to untangle the bird-nest that I call hair.
I think my heart has just melted...

5 February 2015

Fun fact #3: Cake after lunch is part of everyday life in Italy. You won't hear me complaining!

4 February 2015

Fun fact #2: Apperently a lot of people blow their nose in Italy. Loudly. In public...

1 February 2015

Sheep eat grass. Today I was asked if I had some grass for smoking. Apparently every Dutch person is a drugs dealer now. Interesting...

30 January 2015

Fun fact #1: This is a bidet, but I just like to call it a bumwasher. Apparently they are a common appearance in Italy ;)!

29 January 2015

They either really really like me, or they just want to eat my breakfast. I won't flatter myself - it is probably the food...

28 January 2015

Lisa's sister (Irene) spoke English in her French lesson today. It seems like I'm rubbing off on her too!
Note to self: do not group-hug Italians. You will somehow wind up captured in the middle and you will be tickled.
They said it would be warm. They lied. It is anything but warm at 7 o'clock in the morning when you are waiting for the bus to arrive...

26 January 2015

Today I experienced my first Spanish lesson. Couldn't understand much, but had a good laugh with Lisa. Apparently she now speaks Spanish with an English accent. Don't know if I should be proud or not...

25 January 2015

After lunch we feast!

24 January 2015

In the Netherlands the ground is covered by snow; in Italy the sun shines brightly. I think my inner vampire is screaming...

23 January 2015

First school day almost over. Apparently Lisa and I flew to Italy by cow and is my new name Nadhie. At least they tried!

22 January 2015

I just ate these monsters. Well, at least, I tried... We might have had to take about half of the pizza home. It's official: Italians eat a crazy amount of food :)!
Errhmm, Lisa? Where are we? Civilization is that way...
And we're off! Italy, here I come :)!
Casually taking selfies in the plane. It wasn't me, I swear. Esther is to blame ;)
Almost leaving! And yes, that is an airplane - my photography skills are truly amazing!
Drinking a mint tea before leaving for Italy. Boarding in one hour. Can't wait :)!