Greece, Pakistan · 9 Days · 61 Moments · March 2015

Nabeel's trip to Greece

31 March 2015

Long and tiring flights. Finally back to Pakistan..
After spending an amazing night in Athens.. Leaving for the airport..

29 March 2015

On my way to Athens.
Lunch - which i didn't eat.
Statue of Leonardis.
Monastries in Kalambaka.

28 March 2015

After spending one night in Delphi leaving for Kalambaka..

27 March 2015

Road to Delphi 1
Road to Delphi 2

27 March 2015

Leaving Olympia hotel..
Just reached Olympia after a tiring road trip.. Now going to eat Dinner..

26 March 2015

Day 4 - Leaving Novotel Hotel.. To travel to Olympia
After touring the three islands we got back to Novotel hotel..
Lunch at Kolizeras. -_-
Some random place i can not remember the name of.
Visiting some mountaineous area

25 March 2015

Cruise from Athens to Hydra Island.. From 7 am to 11:30 am.
Hydra Island (shopping)
On the cruise..
Cruise 1.
On the way to Athens port for cruise.
Woke up at 5:45 am. Ugh.
Slept late at 3 am..
Pizza dinner at Avocado.
Shopping for 2 hours. Wasted 1 and a half hour on one shop.. Only bought souvenirs for 72 euros.

24 March 2015

Bullshit on the road..
After lunch we went to museum..
Lunch - Day 2
After Acropolis we ate ice cream and walked the streets for hours..
Walking to restaurant for Lunch
Bus tour
Standing outside Novotel Hotel about to leave for today's tour.
Breakfast at Novotel Hotel. :3
Woke up at 7 am. (Day 2)
Dinner at Koh-e-Noor last night.

23 March 2015

Ahh. Finally done with the museum. Now going to the hotel by bus.
Tired.. Just wanna go home and rest..
At the National Museum of Greek History..
Museum of National History of Greece..
National Museum 2. (Tired)
National Library
Touring Greece - Discovering it's History
National Palace with guards
Zappion Palace
Training centre for first Olympic games
After finishing lunch at McDonalds.. I am at the Stadium where the first Olympic games were held.
First Olympic Stadium..
Lunch at McDonalds. :)
People of Greece..
Road trip on Bus. (Continuation)
Travelling on bus..
Athens Airport :3
Plane rides are torturous.
My trip to Greece began on 12 am midnight of 23rd march when i reached Allama Iqbal airport. From there, i headed to Abu dhabi airport. Right now i am sitting on my second flight. The plane will take me from Abu Dhabi to Athens, Greece.
Airplane from Abu Dhabi to Greece
At Abu Dhabi Airport about to leave for Athens, Greece.
Abu Dhabi Airport xD
Airplane *_*
At Allama Iqbal Airport