North America, Europe · 9 Days · 46 Moments · May 2018

Mysterious London & Paris *spooky* *scary*

25 May 2018

This last post is dedicated to my mum. She loves chandeliers, so I took all these pictures for her. 💜

24 May 2018

I’m happy to report that I am back in the United States. Yesterday was our travel day. Our flights went pretty quick in comparison to going over there. My bags made their way home, and everything arrived intact. My mom met me at the airport, and we proceeded to make our way home. I really am glad I went on this trip. I’ve been to Europe before, but this experience was different. Going to places I had already been made me appreciate them more as well as made me search for the unexplored areas of these places. I also took away that having a tour guide can be a great experience. Tour guides and audio tours are not really my cup of tea. However, I am going to try to have a more open mind based on the experiences I had on this trip. I want to thank Morningside College for giving us the opportunity to go on this trip as well as the faculty who accompanied us! Thank for the amazing experiences!

23 May 2018

We finished our last day at the Louvre. Kayla and I stayed till something like 9pm. We explored, got lost, explored, and appreciated all the art. We spent a very long time lost in Egypt, but we finally found the Greek area. The piece I took a picture of is my favorite piece in the louvre. It is from the Italian painters section. This piece is also a Da Vinci; it is less well known. It show Jesus and Mary. I’m drawn to it because of the balance and colors. Whenever I am at the Louvre I visit my favorite piece.
Then we had some free time before the Louvre tonight. We had a delightful lunch, and then headed to the Musee D’orse. We then took a cab to the Opera House where we had our dessert, which was creme brûlée. Yum!
It is our last day in Europe. We head back to America tomorrow. We started our day with a bus tour. We saw all the sights of Paris. It was just how I’d last seen it but with much, much more construction.

22 May 2018

Dinner was delicious! It was three courses: appetizer, entree, and dessert. The main entree was duck. The skin was beautifully crisp, the meat was succulent, and my belly was full and very happy.
Then, the weather turned against us.... It started down pouring. We had not reached Notre Dame; so, we took several breaks out of the rain on our trip to Notre Dame. I love the Notre Dame; it is a beautiful cathedral. However, we just wanted shelter. So, we sat in silence for a bit inside. I was cold because I was wearing just a tank top. So, I bought a sweatshirt and sat in a cafe till dinner.
St. Eustache was very beautiful. It was in a area associated with food so the church had much food imagery incorporated into it. I had never been to this cathedral, but it truly is a hidden gem.
Yesterday, we made the train ride to Paris! All of us got to sleep and recharge for a couple of hours. I finished a book, and studied some music as well.

21 May 2018

Mackensie, Kayla, and I at been eyeing this dessert parlor for our entire night. To top of our last night in London, we went. I got a “freak shake.” This is my first freak shake. It was full of sugar and delicious. However, I’m gonna need a little bit of a sugar break. Prior to this freak shake, we went and had curry, lassi’s, and naan.
Posting for Mackensie. She loves Maria Callas, who is an opera singer.
This is very few of the pictures I took from the Theatre and Production section of the Victoria and Albert. I was ecstatic! There were costumes, props, posters, set design miniatures, and more!! It was amazing! As a avid participant in the Mside theatre program as well as a music performance major, I was in my happy place. I was also happy to see musical theatre stuff, stuff from plays, and stuff from opera!
Then we went into the “Modern” display. I was pleasantly surprised with how I liked more than a couple of the objects. The last two of these pictures are from the Silver display. I thought they were beautiful, and the second one reminds me of the silverware art my father does. I took a picture mainly to show him.
These are the amazing, beautiful, extraordinary Raphael cartoons. After seeing them in tapestry form at Hampton Court, it was really interesting to see the likeness and differences in the actual ones.
Next on the Itinerary: The Victoria and Albert Museum. We started by going to the Fashion display in the museum. My favorite part was, obviously, the vintage Doc Martins. But seriously, it was a very interesting display. I fee like, from a costuming perspective, I gained some very good resources.
Deserving of their own Journi entry: THE DINOSAURS! This is also from the Natural History Museum. I am excited to show my bro these pictures. He loves dinosaurs, and in his pursuit for knowledge, I was dragged along. So, I love them too! This display was rather informative, and some cool animatronic dinosaurs.
I was very excited to go to the Natural History Museum. This museum is huge! It has five zones and several floors in each zone! Kayla and I looked at the Human Evolution exhibit, the birds, and sea reptiles. Everything was so cool. There were so many places to go explore.
We went to the London Dungeon this morning. I was forced into getting a ticket as Mackensie couldn’t go by herself. I enjoyed the knowledge I gained, but strongly disliked the environment. I didn’t understand it would be like a haunted house with jump scares, darkness, and water. The drop ride at the end was really fun as were one or two of the rooms. I survived. Hooray...

20 May 2018

Last night our band of Mside brethren set off on a Jack the Ripper tour. A lot of the information we had learned previously in class, but it didn’t feel that way as the guide was an amazing story teller. We went through some sketchy areas, which really added to ambiance of the story. Our tour ended at The Ten Bells bar, which is the official unofficial Jack the Ripper bar. This bar existed back when Jack the Ripper was active, and he killed several women who hug around this bar.
Here are some armor pics. I think that suits of armor are interesting, but not really my cup of tea. My brother would love these so much more. He, like I, loves history and has read books on many various subjects: Knights, pirates, Egypt, aliens, etc.
I’ve been to the Tower of London before. However, I am happy to report I visited some buildings I didn’t have time for last time. So I still learned something new and enjoyed my old favorites (I.e. torture stuff). I also saw more of the ravens this trip. I had read about the myth/legend before, but I forgot it from the last time I was here. Really glad I went again.
*More Pictures from the British Museum* Again, I just love Egypt so much. Also, Easter Island Head and Rosetta Stone.
*More pictures from the British Museum* Seeing the Chess art from Harry Potter was definitely cool. However, I really enjoyed the Celtic brooch/pins they had on display.
I loved the Egyptian part of the British Museum! When I was little, I wanted to be an archeologist or anthropologist. I learned everything I could about Egyptian and Greek culture and society. It has been my dream for along time to visit the British museum. I mean, I also wanted to visit because of The Mummy Returns, but mostly because of how much I love Egypt. I was so happy I nearly burst into tears. I could feel the kid inside me being so excited to be in this place she idolized. Long story short, I was filled with so much joy.
We saw where Charles Darwin lived. That’s pretty fantastic!

19 May 2018

Mackensie and I made the impulsive decision to go see Kinky Boots at Adelphi Theatre yesterday. We bought the cheapest tickets with the best view at noon. We were so amazed! This show might be the best I’ve ever seen performed. Every singer was fantastic and fit their role splendidly. The acting was spot on as was the dancing. The drag queens might be the best thing I’ve ever seen on this earth. 10/10 would see again; Highly Recommend
This is Trafalgar Square. I am posting these pictures for my friends cause I was on the left side of the bus, which gave me a better angle.
STONEHENGE!! I finally can claim I have been to Stonehenge. I have always been so fascinated with the legends and myths behind Stonehenge. It was just as mystifying as I thought it would be. I stopped to sketch for a bit and I’m very happy with how it turned out!
I mentioned the Roman Baths; So here they are! This area is bathed in history. However while the water looks nice, it is very dirty. There’s the actual bath and a museum. Kayla and I tasted the hot spring water, and it wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great. The Roman history overlapping with the Georgian history is kind of amazing that both of these people placed such value on this water.
Off topic: I went to the bathroom in the Roman bath, and found this informative poster about Mary Shelley writing Frankenstein here. I had no clue! I just stumbled upon this sign. The more you know :)
Yesterday we left London (due to the royal wedding and a football match) to see bath and Stonehenge. These couple of pictures are focused on Bath. Our tour guide informed us about the kind of food popular in bath (I.e. Cornish pasties, clotted cream, and cider). We set out to find these delicacies before we had to leave for stone henge.
Forgot to post this: We are proud to have taken a selfie with Henry Purcell. We recently performed in his opera Dido and Aeneas! I was Belinda, and it was my first opera role! So honored! Lol

18 May 2018

Our night finished off splendidly! We went to The Play That Goes Wrong, and it was hilarious! My cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling. Then, we returned to see Wembley Stadium lit up so beautiful. Good Night London! As a person stage managing a show next year at Morningside, handling the events of the play would be horrible in real life. I’m grateful I have an amazing assistant stage manager and technical director.
We found the Royal Opera House! We felt we needed to take a picture as future opera singers! 😊 #musicperformance
The next part of our day was a bus tour around London were we occasionally got our to see certain sights. These included Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and Parliament. Other sights included “the cutest butt in London.” According to legend, the statue was facing frontwards, but was a distraction to drivers.
Hampton Court also has a maze! It is entirely hedges. There is a frame in the middle of the maze to take pictures with. Safe to say, we found the middle. So cool!
I had these chips last time I was here, and they remain my favorite. That is all.
We went to Hampton Court today! They have very beautiful gardens. We went on a tour through the court, and it was enchanting. The clock (tenth photo) was incredible. It told time, the tide, the time of year, moon cycle, and the zodiac/the stars. That’s so intricate and amazing for that time!
It has also come to my attention that the Queen only has one corgi left. The two other dogs she has are dorgis, which is a corgi dachshund cross. So, I’m going proclaim to all I know that the queen has more dachshunds than corgis. #prouddachshundowner

17 May 2018

Before dinner, we capped our arrival day by going on a walking tour. We saw some beautiful Georgian, Neoclassism, and modern architecture around London. It is so cool to see all these different styles side by side. Side-note: also saw replication of Sir Franco Drake’s ship, replica of globe theatre, as well as the Tate modern art museum! Mackensie and I got off topic discussing architecture, art, and music, and how they all follow the same styles; so, I guess we actually were kinda on topic.
We went to the cutest market for lunch today. I tried my first meat pie, and it was delicious! This area feels so casual and friendly. I would definitely come back!
Plane window at sundown and sunrise! We made it to London... after some technical difficulties. We got stuck on the plane an extra hour because the jet bridge wouldn’t work. So, we took the stairs and a bus back to the terminal. Passport lanes took forever, but we’ve met up with our tour guide and other groups! We’ve been here for five hours, and it’s finally time to experience London!

16 May 2018

Settled into my seat and ready for the overnight flight!
Just a skip, hop, and a jump to Atlanta. Can’t wait to get to London!
We got through security, and we’re waiting to join our flight! #MsideMayTerm