North America, Europe · 6 Days · 39 Moments · May 2018

Mysterious London and Paris #MsideMayTerm

22 May 2018

We eventually made it to Notre Dame under heavy rainfall where most of the group ran to the queue to seek shelter in the cathedral. Wet crutches don't exactly lend themselves to running from rain, but I tried my best. We then sat quietly in the cathedral until the rain died down. We called an early night after a dinner of duck confit. Overall, an okay first day in Paris.
Began the day with a cold. Man, this is not how I was expecting this trip to go! The train to Paris was great! I slept the entire way. But, now I'm I'm Paris again and I'm happy. I absolutely adore this city and I look forward to having some more time to explore. Also, I can stop calling the Tube the Metro, which really got on some people's nerves. After arriving, we made our way to a church i hadn't gotten to see my first time here, Saint Eustache. It was gorgeous! For lunch, we went to a nearby bistro where I had an amazing salmon bagel and limonade. However, that was pretty much the end of the good news. As soon as we met up with the rest of the group, it began sprinkling. As we made our way on a walking tour towards Notre Dame Cathedral, the rain got heavier until we were standing under anything to keep us dry.

21 May 2018

After the museums, we settled down for curry. This was probably my favorite English meal! On the way back to the hotel, my buddies and I stopped at Treatz, where I had a bubble gum ice cream waffle bowl, which was soooooo good! Overall, an amazing trip to London, even with the bruised toes and crutches! Tomorrow, a train ride under the English Channel to Paris, France.
Last day in London! Today Katelyn, Kayla and I did a lot of walking... or in my case, hobbling on crutches. We started with the London Dungeon, an informative attraction which touches on parts of London's grisly history, such as Jack the Ripper, the Great Fire of 1666, King James I laws and subsequent trials, and many more. It was grueat! Next I did some sitting on the Tube platform as my buddies went shopping. This wasn't particularly interesting, but apparently they did get a bit lost, which explains why I was down there for around 40 minutes. After they finally got back we hopped onto a train which took us to the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A). I sat at the entrance of the Natural History Museum while Katelyn and Kayla went to look at dead things. We then went to the V&A where I did some walking and looking. My favorite section was the Theatre and Performance section, where I saw some original costumes from opera and musicals.
So... yesterday was interesting! After the tour at the British museum, I asked fir athletic tape for my toes and ended up in the emergency room. Good news, my toe is not broken! To make sure I don't hurt myself worse over the next 5 days, however, I will be using crutches. Today is largely a free day with Kayla and Katelyn. We have plans for the London Dungeon, museum hopping through the V&A, and then an Indian dinner tonight!

20 May 2018

Sitting in the British Museum! I hurt my foot last night and walking is hard, but I've still got some pep in my... hobble!

19 May 2018

Today we spent the day in Bath and Stonehenge. They were pretty cool, but I was having a rough day and didn't do much. The second picture shows the best view of Windsor castle I could possibly get considering the tiny event going on today. Picture 3 was taken during lunch at the restaurant connected to the Roman Baths in the aptly named town of Bath. After Stonehenge, Katelyn and I made a rash decision and bought tickets to Kinky Boots at 7:30. It was the most FABULOUS show I have ever seen. I was so happy to see it with my best friend! Tomorrow we have tours of the British Museum and the Tower of London followed by the Jack the Ripper tour.
After the Royal Opera House, Kayla, Katelyn and I went to dinner at a cute French café. We then shopped for a bit before heading to our entertainment for the night, a hearty hoot and holler called "The Play That Goes Wrong." When I say hearty, I mean I was practically falling out of my chair laughing. I can't wait to show Grandma the script I bought and relay the entire show to her! She loves to hear about the shows I go to! After the show we returned to the hotel too prepare for tomorrow. Stay tuned for tomorrow: Bath and Stonehenge!

18 May 2018

Guess who found the Royal Opera House?! Guess who spent a lot of money at the Royal Opera House!?
Selfie with Henry Purcell! Huge fan of his works. Had the honor of being in his opera "Dido and Aeneas" earlier this year. So excited to finally meet him.
After Hampton Court, we stopped at Buckingham Palace. The first picture is the memorial for Queen Victoria, featuring Victory with her arms outstretched and Truth sitting with a mirror. We then visited Parliament and all I could think about was the scene from Chevy Chase's European Vacation where the group is stuck in the roundabout and they are like "Oh look, Parliament... Big Ben... oh look, there's Parliament... again". Weird thought to have, but relevant at least!
I just found it entertaining that someone was getting ticketed in Kensington, one of the richer boroughs in London.
The final two gardens sculptures (#1-2). After the guided tour, we found ourselves inside another courtyard. I found my drawn upward once again towards the chimneys (#3). At the time of their construction, they were seen as a sign of comfort and indulgence. I was surprised that they were all designed differently! Also in that courtyard were pictures 4 and 5. The clock was extremely interesting as it is not just a 24-hour clock, but also told the month, tide changes of the Thames, phases of the moon, star signs, and is still completely functional today! Underneath the clock is the cost of arms of the original tenant of the grounds, Cardinal Wolsey. Katelyn, Kayla and I then tried our hand at the hedge maze. We made it to the center, no thanks to Katelyn, who led us to dead ends twice! We then stopped for a photo shoot before heading back to the bus.
Pictures 1-4 are all located in the private chambers, proper. Leaving the bed chambers, we encountered an artist's viewpoint of what Hampton Court looked like at the time (#5). This is interesting because there would have been no way for him to see the palace from this angle. Pictures 6-10 were all taken in a walkway near the Hampton Gardens. These sculptures were moved from the garden to preserve them from the weather outside.
Picture 1 continues this story. Beyond the door of this room is another amazing yet truly oppressive room (#2-4). If the idea of gods being against those against the throne wasn't enough to scare you off, then the room covered in knives, spears, guns, and shields would. Further into the private quarters were more amazing paintings, furniture, and views (#5-10).
In the middle of the hall was a fire pit (#1). We then moved into the hall where King Henry VII (#5) would walk to go to the chapel (#2-4). Picture 6 was taken outside of the chapel. Leaving the chapel and heading towards the private chambers of the King we saw an amazing fountain on some of the best grass I'd ever seen (#7)! The entrance to the private chambers was marked by this amazing painting meant to ward off those looking to cause trouble with the royalty beyond the door (#8-10). The painting shows gods and mythical figures siding with the King's favorite historical figure.
We went to Hampton Court instead of Windsor Castle due to a tiny wedding. However, it turned out for the better as Hampton Court was simply stunning! We entered through a vegetable garden where we saw this cute little sign (#1). We then entered The Rose Garden which was just beginning to bloom (#2-3). Both of these were free to the public! The tour was just beginning, however, as we entered the castle from the nobles' entrance. Picture 5 shows the back of that entrance. From the courtyard we were standing in, you could clearly see the bell tower in picture 6. We then walked into the feast hall and saw some amazing glasswork and architecture (#7-10).
Today we are starting with a tour of Hampton court. Our tour is being led by a fashion icon/expert in British history, Keith.

17 May 2018

Ok! So that was a super tiring day but it is finally over! I was pretty overwhelmed by most of what I saw today and can't properly recount all of it, so i have put up the majority of photos i took today during our walking tour. By the way, the goose was very nice! Tomorrow we have more tours and a showing of "The Play That Goes Wrong." I'm super excited!! #MsideMayTerm
Outside of the Tate Modern Art Museum! About halfway through our walking tour towards dinner. #MsideMayTerm
Great time at Borough Market for lunch! I had a sweet potato pie and mash, a berry smoothie, and followed it yo with the biggest meringue I've ever seen. #MsideMayTerm
First Tube ride! #MsideMayTerm
Snazzy car!
Bus time! #MsideMayTerm
Finally out of the airport. We are waiting for the bus and I have never been happier to sit down! #MsideMayTerm
Well, they haven't fixed the bridge. We are deplaning from a stairwell to the ground. It's interesting because my mom has always wanted to board a plane from the ground. I have now boarded a plane from the ground and have the opportunity to deplane to the ground! Mom, now is the time to be jealous!
Stuck on the plane while they get a technician to fix the jet bridge!! I believe I am cursed. For questions, please reference my first trip to Belgium and France! 🤣 #CursedSpookyTrip #MsideMayTerm
Well, not exactly a restful sleep, but a decent plane ride, nonetheless. We are about 30 minutes from London Heathrow. I can't wait to jump right into the day! However, I mostly can't wait for breakfast, which is making its way down the aisle very slowly. #MsideMayTerm

16 May 2018

Ready for an 8 hour flight with one of my best buddies! #MsideMayTerm
For me, this is the first time back in Atlanta in a while. However, I made sure to snap a nice picture of my buddies right as we exited the gangway. Now, for a quick trek to our next gate -via the Plane Train- for an overnight flight to London Heathrow! #MsideMayTerm
Ah, a beautiful day in Atlanta preparing us for London!! Thanks, Georgia! #MsideMayTerm
Atlanta, here we come! #MsideMayTerm
Goodbye, Nebraska! See you next week! #MsideMayTerm
Window seat!! #MsideMayTerm
Boarding time!! #MsideMayTerm
Waiting for our flight from Omaha to Atlanta with Katelyn and Kayla. What a great start to our journi. #MsideMayTerm