United Kingdom, Ireland · 5 Days · 5 Moments · August 2017

Myriam's adventure in Ireland

2 September 2017

Had the chance to meet Sean Ryan. He's a musician and lives and owns the most haunted castle in Ireland called Leap Castle. He has been restoring the castle on his own since he bought it 1991. We got to explore the castle at our leisure and he played for us. Great experience!

1 September 2017

Instead of doing the boat trip to Skelling Michael, we chose to discover the beautiful Valentia Island. Great view up there and you can feel the power of nature right under your feet. During the ice age, Atlantic plates must have been exploding right at the tip of where the pointy stones reach out of the island today. Whereas at the bottom of the island, no pressure was unfolded, so it stayed flat land. Magical! On the other side of the island you can discover St. Branden's Well and a light house (5€ ticket)

31 August 2017

Beeindruckende Höhe, in der einen etwas flattrig im Magen wird. Die Wellen schlagen unten wie brechende Steine auf die Klippen, während die Möwen federleicht in der Luft liegen.

29 August 2017

Most powerful experience of my whole trip to Ireland! Slieve League is the highest point of northern Ireland and you get a great view on the "wild Atlantic". Wild, also because the wind is blowing over the cliffs so strongly that I could literally lean myself into it. Just like flying! And I think I discovered the element of air a lot better then I thought I still could. Also, going up there when the evening sun is drowning all the hills in golden light is very magical!

28 August 2017

Giants Causeway lays on the northern cost of Irland and is one of the UNESCO world heritage places. The stones were naturally formed to funny blocks and stairways by ancient Vulcan of eruptions. I had a blast jumping from stone to stone and along the cost side that is covered in Volcano Stone. We also took a small trail up to the cliffs from where we had a great view over the whole area. This part of Irlands nature stroke me to have its very own mind, rough in a way. But this is where it's beauty lays.