Indonesia · 6 Days · 3 Moments · August 2017

Myles's journi to Indonesia

17 August 2017

Shit music on the boat that took 8 hours instead of 1.5

12 August 2017

Having arrived at my accommodation in the middle of the night I missed check in and a Balinese man handed me and key said 'bed 3' and I made my way into a dark room that was supposed to be men only (not intentionally but it's all that I could get at such late notice). I got in the dark room and couldn't find my bed or turn the light on. I climbed up my squeaky bed made of bamboo and went to sleep. I woke up early in the morning -9:30 and checked out to make my way to the Laundrette and see Alex at his much better accommodation with a pool that was closer to town. Was pretty happy to leave this place as it was a shit hole.

11 August 2017

Today I arrived in Bali, we arrived at 11:30pm local time and was pretty tired after the 11hr transfer from Columbo. We collected our bags and made our way to the blue bird taxi (Taksi) men in awful blue Hawaiian shirts. The harassment was pretty awful and overwhelming after such a long flight. We negotiated a taxi down from IDR300,000 to IDR150,000. I had to have my currency converter on standby as the ridiculous figures we mind-blowing making quick mental maths nearly impossible. We tried to get and Uber but there were no cars available which was really frustrating as the price was only IDR24,500. We arrived at our drivers car and immediately realised that he wasn't a cab driver just a chancer in the airport. The sensible side of me was telling me not to get in the bean but I was so tired I just laughed it off with Alex (German that I had been traveling with). We dropped off Alex first at the Umahku apartment and then my driver dropped me offZ we got lost and I didn't get in until 2.