Cambodia · 2 Days · 5 Moments · October 2017

Myles's adventure in Cambodia

3 October 2017

We head home and freshened up before going to the bar on the roof for drinks. The bar manager let slip that he had just downloaded the latest FIFA 18 meant that of course Joe and Josh had to play... just when I thought I got away. We got drunk playing mushroom and ring of fire drinking the bar out of the free punch that was provided. We started our bar crawl from our hostel to Bar Luv which was about a 5 minute walk but it took nearly 30mins by time we had everyone together. On the route I made friend with the Aussie guy who had the most outrages mullet I had ever seen. It was like something from the 70's. He had lost his 'thongs' so bought a pair from a tuk-tuk driver for $7 so that he could get into the club. Already drunk I decided to only stay for one drink as it was really expensive and the music was SHIT. That and I was struggling to see the ladyboys from ladies which is always a difficult position to be in. I got a tuk-tuk home for $3.
We woke up the next morning around 9:00am and head downstairs for breakfast at the hostel. We intended on seeing the killing field and S-21 (torture prison today). We all had coffee and musli, trying to get some healthy food in when I can so that drink in the evening and recover from what seemed to be endless colds and vomiting.

2 October 2017

We arrived at the hostel Madmonkey. We were all pretty tired so we had a lie down for an hour. Managed to grab some weed so josh and I smoked a joint on our balcony. I was liked in to find three new girls in our 6 be dorm. Great first impression coming it high as a kite smelling of weed. I was in bed tryjng not to act too stoned while everyone was introducing themselves, I forgot names almost instantly as they were said.
After arriving we were hungry so went for a meal in a return to on the way to the hostel (mad monkey). The restaurant was still under construction. The menu was the first time that we noticed just how expensive Cambodia was in comparison Vietnam. I ordered the BLT club sandwich with a coke ($6) - twice what we were used to spending in Vietnam.
Left Ho Chi Minh City at 6:30am to Phnom Penh. It took about 7 hours and was painfully boring. Didn't manage to get any sleep but as we were the first on the bus we got the back row with loads of leg room and made ourselves comfortable. We made 4 stops and yeh bus seemed to get busier and busier as the journey went on. We paint the coach assistant $35 to get us speed visas and managed all of the hassle for us. There were women waiting at the border changing us the Vietnamese Dong for USD. The rate wasn't good but as we had to get rid of all of money as you can't exchange it outside of Vietnam we had no choice. The second leg of the journey flew passed, predominately as the scenery was new for the first time in 5 weeks and it was interesting to see the differences between the countries. We arrived mid afternoon and walked 2km through the rain to get to our hostel.