North America, Europe · 9 Days · 10 Moments · June 2018

Myla's tour through Germany

19 June 2018

Today we went into two different cities, Bonn and Köln. In Bonn we went to a museum all about German history starting in 1948 up until present day. I didn’t take many pictures there, only the first two which are of cool cars for Jace😂. Then we went to Köln and visited a very cool and old gothic cathedral which was very interesting and beautiful. We had free time after that during which we explored the city and chillaxed. Overall a very fun day and I’m excited for what tomorrow may bring!

16 June 2018

This weekend was very fun and busy!!! On Saturday we went to France! It was very cool but difficult because most of the people in the group that we went with knew little to no French! We went to a restaurant where they served snails blegh, so I ordered off of the kids menu and got ham and French fries then they gave me Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream which was pretty funny on our way back from France we stopped at a devils lake type area and climbed some rocks! On Sunday we went to a ropes course in the trees with a bunch of other Germans and their exchange students, it was very fun but I have no pictures of it. The funniest part of that was that they had to give me a kids harness whereas everybody else got an adults one😂. Then we went to a public viewing of the Germany vs Mexico soccer game where Germany unfortunately lost but it was still a cool experience. Finally after that we went and played card games with Fynn and Caleb until 11:30 at night! Overall a great weekend!

15 June 2018

Yesterday we went to Frankfurt and saw many cool sights especially from the top of a very tall building(I don’t know the name)! Today we are going to France!

14 June 2018

YesterdY we went to Trier and went on two tours where we learned about Roman history and Karl Marx. While the topics may have been a bit dull the views and the people we were with made up for it completely!

13 June 2018

My first full day in Germany was a smashing success we had a tour of the school and then we met the mayor! Afterwards we bikes to Burger King where I accidentally tried my first sparkling water blegh! I met many of Greta’s friends and we played card games. After that we took the train with a few other students to Domstadt (I think) and wandered around the city for hours. We then took the train back to Langen and went straight to the welcome dinner where we received gift bags and had live music played by the band and sang by a choir. I didn’t fall asleep until a little after midnight but on the bright side I never woke up in the middle of the night this time!

12 June 2018

Day 1 was a smashing success! Greta’s family is so nice and funny! We went grocery shopping and they showed me how they get paid for recycling their bottles!!!!! They have 4 different garbage cans each for different things😱😱😱 I still don’t know what goes where😂. Greta’s little sister Marta can be a little spitfire if she doesn’t get what she wants but it ends very soon after it begins and her otherwise adorable personality makes up for it 100%!

11 June 2018

Ok so... Airport security is nutso, at least they didn’t pull me out for a pat down but others weren’t so lucky. One person held the rest of us up for 25+ minutes because of a freaking candle😂
Sooo.... Apparently the luggage holder thingy on the bus wasn’t latched properly.... Great start! FYI the sarcasm level was high🤪
When you get in trouble for your packing tactics😂

10 June 2018

Tomorrow begins the journey of a lifetime as I depart from the only country I have ever known to visit Germany. Excitement and nerves are high!