United States of America · 91 Days · 12 Moments · June 2018

My year in Kentucky

6 days ago

9/15/18 Latino Festival in Lexington! Es war wirklich toll, wir hatten viel Spaß und haben ordentlich zu spanischer Musik getantzt :)

8 days ago

9/14/18 Eigentlich haben wir ein Bewerbungsvideo für das EF Ambassador Programm gedreht.... Es sind schöne Bilder geworden :)
9/14/18 Morgan und ich haben etwas langeweile in unserem 'homeroom', mit einem Lehrer wie Klassenlehrer. Wir haben 'card time' jeden tag zwischen der 4. und 5. Stunde. Die Woche über könmen wir entscheiden was wir machen wollen und jeden Freitag haben wir 'advisory'. Das ist an sich eine halbe Stunde langeweile.... Aber wir haben Spaß :)

5 September 2018

9/5/18 Das Ende der Schlammwoche 😂 Mein Rücken sah viel schlimmer aus aber davon hab ich kein Foto. Nächsten Mittwoch erfahren wir welches Team gewonnen hat. 😝

2 September 2018

8/25- 8/26/18 EF Kelley group campout, we went on a hike to Natural Bridge, it was really beautiful. We had a lot of struggle setting up the tent and it stated to rain but we did it and could sleep in a dry tent :)
This is how you take care of your sister after running a 5k and going on a 6 mile hike in 24 hours. It was really fun, I ran 38 minutes 😇 After the hike I was so tired, the car was comfortable enough to sleep :)
8/22/18 The first week of the Race at Grace, my sister's Church does that every year it is 4 weeks of being crazy every wednesday and playing games against the other three teams. Coming wednesday is mud week, means we play a game in a huge field of mud. I'm very excited about it :)

31 July 2018

18.7.-28.7.18 EF Camp was great and I made a lot of friends there. These 10 days were the perfect start for my upcoming year and I learned a lot of new things. We had a Volleyball tournament, PepRally( that means you cheer for your club or school and the jury decides which school was the best at cheering), some other fun games and activities and a talent show where I paricipated in. In the end we had graduation and prom from camp. We all cried after prom when we had to say goodbye to the friends we just made, knowing we will probably never see each other again. But I will see Ariel, a good friend from Taiwan. She lives only two ours away from where I live in Kentucky🎉. She I really cute and I love her. My friends from Japan, Korea and Thailand are more difficult to see again but we will work it out and see us again :). A big thank you to all the EF Staff for letting my year start so wonderful!

28 July 2018

28.7.-1.8.18 Then I met my Host Family and they are wonderful! We did many rhings the last days and my mom and my sister made a surprise party for me. They wanted me to meet some people before I go to school. And I got my scedule for this year. I am excited to start school and a bit nervous because this school is huge and I'm definitely going to get lost in there😅 But anyways, I'm having a great time and we live on a hill and it fells a bit like Heidi😂.
18.7.-28.7.18 Some pictures from Camp :)

18 June 2018

30 Days until it starts🎉 I am soo excited to start my american life and finally meet my host family. They are very sweet and caring and I have a good feeling about living with them💕