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My Year 2018

11 September 2018

Well Jesus me. Theres been a lot. I have moved in ^^ Just hope it stays all good :D I had some stress today with trying to get a job and sort out dentist appointments and everything..but I can't do much about it until tomorrow. It's awful when you NEED to do something but you can't physically do it. I have an interview tomorrow then potentially lunch with my boyfriend AFTER speaking to my dentist about the shituation. I might mention how that goes. After thats done, I need to then sort out my planning to visit my best friend for her bday ^^ Which will be exciting. A refresher on real life after spending time in Bristol ;) MY ADVICE THUS FAR: Check your timetable IN ADVANCE Get bags and study stuff ready Plan your time out Pack essentials (CLOTHES, TOILETRIES, BEDDING AND PERSONAL INFORMATION) Have a good relationship with people (family and friends) Get to know the area before university Try to have fun and not let stress consume your soul ^^

26 August 2018

26/08/2018 Birthday with my boyfriends family and it was lovely. I had a great unicorn cake and amazing presents which I will definitely use! My lovely grandma also sent me a cheque which was very thoughtful since she knew I couldnt see her. 27/08/2018 I spoke to my dad properly today (after he messaged me a day before my birthday). I havent seen him in 9 years...because it's been such a dramatic few years for me, it really hit home. Speaking to him again was nice. I just can't believe it's actually him. 28/08/2018 - 31/08/2018 REALLY DID NOTHING MUCH THESE LAST FEW DAYS. I need to go out and do things but I physically can't at the moment. I have been practicing violin and gaming quite a bit, but it's still not the same as getting up 5 days a week to go to college. I will study coding and search up robotics befoee univeristy starts though. Just updating this, then heading off to bed. My boyfriends parents had a lovely anniversary and it was great to see them so happy. GOOD NIGHT

23 August 2018

Bloody hell, SO: I HAVE ACCOMODATION SORTED (£450 A MONTH) LANDLORD IS VERY NICE HOUSE SHARE WITH 1 BATHROOM WHICH IS A BIT AWKWARD BUT IT'S OKAY NEED TO BUY NEW CURTAINS AND HAVE BEDDING ETC BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS SORTED ALREADY! ^^ I had a lazy day today playing games (Slay the spire, I would reccomend to anyone), watching films and sorting some stuff out for university. I promise myself that I will study tomorrow...if that turns into a reality, you will be the first to know. I do have a trip around town to buy new shoes for my boyfriend's little sister and to (hopefully) go to Lloyds to try and sort out a Student account and Internet banking. Please don't ask how I messed up my banking account. It was very stressful and I hated every minute of it. Woe is me, first world problems and all :/ I will hopefully out all this into perspective when I have got a job and then have the capability to help others ^^

21 August 2018

I slept over at a friend's house and he was very nice ^^ He gave me very cute gifts for my birthday - even cake ;) He's one of the friends that, no matter how much time apart, will always be there for you ^^ I'm now with my boyfriend just preparing for my viewing tomorrow. He was also very welcoming when I saw him again 😁 I want tomorrow to go well, but if it doesnt then thats life AND I WILL TRY AGAIN!! Wish me luck ^^ I'm waking up with him at stupid hours of the morning too 😂

19 August 2018

I am probably ending up having a house share for uni. I'm hoping that it goes well...I have a viewing on Wednesday ^^ Wohoo! I was hoping to get accomodation on campus but that was too difficult apparently 😂 I have taken many a test to see what kind of roommate I would be, but of course Buzzfeed was the first one I chose and here is my result:

17 August 2018

Just finished work (4 hour shift) and it ended up being full of changing beds and tidying cottages. Some people leave disgusting stuff when they leave from their holiday...its truly not great to look at. ITS ALL DONE NOW, GOING TO GET MONEY FOR IT SO IT WAS WORTH IT. I am now relaxing with my best friend with a hot chocolate, procrastinating on the stuff we actually need to do ;) If you're supposed to be doing stuff right now, you should probs go and do it 😂 As it is summer and I dont have much else to say, I'm going to leave you with this lovely image:
WELCOME PEOPLE! Yesterday, I received my A-Level results. A in History, B in maths, C in physics (and a C in Further Maths AS that we don't talk about). Not the best results but it has allowed me to go to UWE to study Robotics! I feel like it's a new chapter, especially since I have technically moved out - a story in itself that I could share at some point. I currently don't have a place to stay to go to university, but I'm trying to sort things out. I have a lot of other things going on too which have made moving out much more stressful than it needed to be. I'm managing day by day (seems more dramatic than it actually is). If the other things come up again soon, I might share them on here since someone might want to read it to feel more confident in themselves. One look at this blog and their life will look extremely organised 😂. I'm working tomorrow to gather enough funds to go to see my boyfriend soon (first serious one)! It's going to be an early night for me to prepare ^^

16 August 2018

Just as a side note, this is going to be a mess. Join me for the ride of my life over the next 3 years...(hopefully I don't forget this exists) if you want stressful, relatable entertainment or just to see how people are now coping with their uni life compared to you 👌. I shall add more personal information/answer any questions if this blog is read by a few people ^^ As a very high bonus, you get god awful memes at the end of every post ;) If that doesn't make you want to read my life story, then I don't know what will. Thanks for reading "THE DAY AFTER"