Isle of Man, United Kingdom · 8 Days · 11 Moments · May 2018

My Year 2018

25 May 2018

Tall ships

24 May 2018

Walker art gallery and Jamie's kitchen yum yum
No need to join a library in Liverpool

23 May 2018

We walked 8 miles yesterday. Similar today I suppose. Moved to the city, did some Primarking, had a lager at the beehive and got chatting to a group of pensioners!! Then went to the tate. Teamaking, lying on hammocks and chatting to more pensioners! Nice tea at Witherspoon and bed!

22 May 2018

Prison break
Today we saw terracotta warriors c

20 May 2018

Paul being tormented

19 May 2018

Harry and Megan s wedding day .... All pissed and in bed for 9

18 May 2018

Caught drinking whisky at work. Whoops.
Today is all about the isle of man