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My wild friend

28 November 2018

9 October 2018

23 August 2018


11 August 2018

Still the cutest thing ever...

29 January 2018

First time we laid eyes on this beauty on GumTree; it was a Wed evening. She had a brother and the mum was British Blue; the father was half British Blue.

28 January 2018

She is the cutest thing ever!
She loves balls, the scratch post and cables!! Exploring the house, she has now learned how to jump on tables, climb chairs and curtains( halfway though!)

27 January 2018

It wasn't easy but we decided to go for Miley! And Wobbles as her nickname. The other names that made the shortlist were: Jolene, Indiana, Lola. But she looks and acts like a Miley!!

26 January 2018

Proud parents!
Emma, cat consultant,and now this angel's auntie was there when we picked her up.