1 Days · 4 Moments · January 2018

AP HuGe Field trip 2018

23 January 2018

SIKH TEMPLE 1. This building is built here because the was a growing of migration to the Milwaukee area from California. There was space needed to be built there. 2. There an average of 500 people and 1000 on a holiday, there isn't a certain ethnicity but most of them come from California which came from India. 3. I had no idea that all men shared the last name of Singh, which means lion, and all women shared a last name of Kaur, which stands for princess. I am mind blown that men do not cut their hair...ever! The tying of the turbans was interesting as well. 4. They were quite nice and continually mentioned the fact that they accept everyone into their community. Even though I struggled to understand the man, I learned a lot about Sikhism.
ST. JOSAPHAT CATHOLIC BASILICA 1. This Basilica is located in this region of Milwaukee because of the population of Polish people. They wanted to create a place of worship, so three churches were built. In order to accommodate the growing number of members, this basilica was made just down the street from the old church. 3. I found it interesting that the polish found the building of the church so important that they gave up their own possessions and put themselves into debt to have it be built. 4. I found it impressive that they were able to get it built so effectly and quickly. This shows how determined they are with their religion. 2. When the basilica was built, Polish migrants mainly worshipped in the building until the ethnicities in the area changed over to Hispanic. Now a larger Hispanic population attends the basilica rather than Polish. Due to the larger Hispanic population, the school was also growing in size.
CHABBAT OF DOWNTOWN 1. The religious building is there because there is a high amount of jews in the area. This is because there was a huge movement when there wasn't a lot of Jews in the United states. 2. The members are mostly migrant and they usually only come on the Sabbath day and sometimes for prayer, other than that they celebrate things at home with their family. 3. I had no idea that there were 3 million people at Mount Sinai that listened to God speak. These people, Jews, passed down what they saw and witnessed on the mountain to their children. The story never changes as it gets passed through the generations. I also found the cleansing bath intriguing. 4. I thought I knew a lot about the Jewish faith but after listening to him speak, I learned far more about the faith. The Jewish faith is beyond intriguing!
ISLAMIC CENTER AND MOSQUE 1. This Mosque is located in Milwaukee due to the high concentration of Muslims in the area. There is a large Muslim population in Southeastern Wisconsin, which is the reason there are many Mosques throughout the communities. All of these Mosques are facing Mecca that is why the building is at an angle. 2. About 1500 to 2000 people attend this Mosque for worship and roughly 800 students go to the school. Even though most of the Muslims in Milwaukee are from all over, the majority are from South Asia and the Middle East. The members are a mixture of American citizens and immigrants. 3.What I think is interesting is that they use any carpet with a pattern to help make sure that the people who are praying, are praying in a straight line. The way that the people pray are so important that they make sure that no matter what, they are doing it correctly. 4.I found it pretty cool that the tour guide was so open about everything and willing to talk about anything