Europe, Asia · 111 Days · 23 Moments · June 2012

Norwegian and Baltic Cruise

18 October 2012

Today we moved house from HEMEL Hempstead to here had a lots of help from Linda and Terry thank goodness it was a very busy day.

20 July 2012

Back in the UK arrived home sold sign outside our house it’s going to be a busy time from now on.
Cloudy skies today so reading until after lunch then we got ready to leave the ship.

19 July 2012

At sea reading first in the library then after lunch in the crows nest.

18 July 2012

Visby Sweden Visby Rose and Ruins tour this tour took us to the Walled city that has been kept without alteration. Weather was cloudy but rain free we just walked around the old town and garden. We then took a bus to a lookout point before going back to the ship. Set sail for home this afternoon.

17 July 2012

Stockholm Sweden The scenery on leaving Stockholm was magnificent sailing around many small islands and the sun starting to set. Also on leaving harbour there were two large ferries another cruise ship and our ship all in line astern.

16 July 2012

Stockholm Sweden Stockholm Sights at 8:30am and on Water at 6:20pm. Bus ride to the Vasa museum to see the King Vasa ship that sunk on it’s maiden voyage. Well worth the time to see it, then back on the bus for a tour of the Stockholm which is a lovely city. Water tour was touring the city on a boat with drinks supplied. It justifies our feeling that we ought to come back.

15 July 2012

Tallinn Estonia Tallinn Past and Farmers tour today, started of dry then rain the rain came down. Very old walked town, cheese farmer and the Manor House all spoilt because of the rain.

14 July 2012

St. Petersburg Hermitage Museum. The day started off with a man hitting his head getting off the coach at a tourist shop which was not on the schedule. Only stopped there because we were to early for our time slot at the museum. Had to wait until someone from the ship came to collect the gentleman. This now made us late and not in our time slot consequently the tour was more rushed. On the inside of the museum we were split into two parties, within three minutes we had lost one person. Lots of paintings, vases, gold and ornate rooms. Eventually the guide finds the lost person and do a rerun of the museum at a faster pace, this was not good for her who collapsed. Told to go and look at the paintings to give the woman time to recover. Continued the replay until the end of the tour. Long hot crowed tour not enough time, needed more time and less people to really do it all justice.

13 July 2012

St. Petersburg and Catherine’s Palace today. Catherines Palace very ornate gold everywhere and the Amber room is lovely. Again it is information overload on the royal families of Russia. The bus broke down on the way and we had to wait for a replacement. Seven cruise ships in St. Petersburg so there was thousands of people at the palace, our guide said come in January then the place will be empty.

12 July 2012

Helsinki Finland Ice Bar trip today, on the way we stopped of at a church built into the rocks, very modern interior. The Ice Bar was not quite what we expected, it was like an indoor snow building where you can have a drink at the bar with ice glasses, snowboard and the highlight of the trip a Dog Sledge ride. The Huskies cannot wait to pull you around but be warned they are quite fast and it is bumpy. Almost forgot it takes time to get your cold weather gear on before you go inside.

11 July 2012

Light clouds fresh breeze on this sea day not warm enough to sit outside. Time to find a place to read.

10 July 2012

Warnemunde Germany. Tour was Berlin by river boat it would take 12hrs so docking was early and our wake up call. Very long day Berlin so spread out you need more time to see it properly. Information given by the guide is to much for one long day. A good day out with food overload, this tour reinforced our opinions that cities are not really our thing.

9 July 2012

Copenhagen Denmark Tivoli gardens this afternoon so morning of reading. Tour started off badly for the guide the microphone on the bus did not work and without it the guide said she could not do her job. The driver had never driven in Copenhagen before so the guide had to tell him where to go. Not much of a tour we could have walked it from the ship if we were younger. Plenty of history of wars against various nations. Tivoli gardens consisted of mainly eating places and some amusement rides in the garden area.

8 July 2012

Overcast weather at sea so it will be a day of relaxing as the we will be on tours from Sunday. Another Captain lunch invitation, Asian food this time. Weather fine but to cool to sit outside.

7 July 2012

Arrived Dover making up our minds wether to go to the castle or the town, it all depends on the weather. Went into town to get a battery for Sylvia’s watch, at the jewellers they said it had to be sent back to the makers. With time to spare we then went to see the Bronze Age boat but could not as the place was flooded out. Back to the ship feeling it was a wasted time.

6 July 2012

On our way back to Dover the morning was not so relaxing because we due to receive our 100 day medals and lunch. Before lunch we joined the invitation about the next part of our cruise. The weather turned to mist and rain the nearer we got to England. By the time the evening meal came around we had passed through the bad weather.

5 July 2012

Bergan Norway Sylvia has a pamper day today I may have a neck massage by the pool and use the jacuzzi again. Temperature not conducive to being by the pool so I went to the library whilst Sylvia was being pampered. In the afternoon we sat on deck again getting the sun. Started our journey back to Dover the sea is like a mill pond.

4 July 2012

Geiranger Norway No tours today, I tried out the jacuzzis this morning as most people went ashore. After lunch we went outside at the rear of the ship to enjoy the sun that had come out. Our ship was joined by four other ships here in the fjord. Scenery was spectacular on the way out of the fjord with numerous waterfalls. It is the best fjord we have been in.

3 July 2012

Alesund Norway The island of Giske and Godoy tour this afternoon at 4pm. Lovely sunny day by the time our tour started so we did not need a jacket. Mainly riding around in a coach but it was a good tour of the islands and Mount Aksla, tour guide very good.

2 July 2012

Eidfjord Norway Going on a tour this morning at 8am I was awake early so had a walk on deck it was chilly. Short showers made the scenery a bit dull on the way to the waterfall up near Hardanger glacier. We then went down to the natural history museum it was then we realised we had been there before. It was years ago before they had built the tunnels to get here. In the evening we went to the cinema and saw the film Man on the Ledge.

1 July 2012

Formal night tonight First day at sea cloudy with strong breeze. Spent the morning in the library reading after breakfast, had lunch then decided to try the outside and found a nice quiet spot out of the wind. It was also sunny and warm a good start to our holiday. In the evening Sylvia went to the show in the theatre whilst I watched Spain v Italy in the Wayang theatre.

30 June 2012

Taken to Dover this today by Terry for our double cruise, Norway first then into the Baltic Sea for the second leg. Check in and boarding onto the Ryandam was quick. Had lunch in the dining room, shared our table with two English people and two Americans it was a very pleasant lunch. Had a stroll around the ship with a stop in the library to get some books. Back to our cabin where our luggage was waiting for us, so we unpacked. Now waiting for safety drill. Set sail on time the sun has now gone down and it is a lot cooler.