Canada · 9 Days · 7 Moments · January 2015

My trip of life.

29 January 2015

Lalalalala how creepy

28 January 2015

I think this is what the Buddhists meant when they said "everything is ephemeral"
It's shocking (not really) no one follows my scintillating (not at all) journi of life

27 January 2015

I fell asleep and missed my stop on the subway
My journi of life is more like my life on Tuesday's. I'm at placement at 7:30am it is -20 Celsius outside. Yes I had to drag my frozen bum out of bed. I'm in my 20s so I can push myself to do this ridiculous full course load and work 2 part time jobs but I can't imagine immigrant parents who do this and then go home to raise their babies.

22 January 2015

My laptop died and I left my book at home. I'm waiting for St. John's ambulance or at least to begin my trek in the windy cold there

21 January 2015

The act of photocopying may seem mundane to some, but for others it is absolutely brain dead work and I have to sit here and wait for 200 copies of a 3 page and stapled document. why oh why have I fallen into the proverbial dark pit of life.