Malta · 3 Days · 6 Moments · March 2017

My "study" trip to Malta

21 March 2017

Life in Malta

20 March 2017

Izzy(from Mexico) sprained her ankle, so we had to be creative with how to get to places! Convinced one of the traditional boats to take us ✌🏻 Now it's time for chilling by the water before I meet up with Emmanuel!
Life at the moment: Getting up; Studying for like an hour and a half; chill at the roof with awesome people; go to the beach

19 March 2017

I'm in tha house!!! No one here, but managed to find the spare key πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Clem sed it would be fine if I crash here, so it's all good! Trying to call my other friends in Malta now, but they aren't picking up the phone...
To be honest, pretty happy with life right now! Couldn't find Clem, but didn't really expect he'd be home at this time of the day... so I'll just enjoy my food and do some exploring first!!
So I decided that it's more fun to study for my exams in Malta then in Norway..... So without actually telling anyone(mostly cuz I totally forgot about it) I just went to Malta! I'm now on my way to suprice Clem (one of my friends here), because there might be a chance I haven't told my friends in Malta anything eitherπŸ˜‡