Italy, Austria · 9 Days · 61 Moments · July 2014

My Puglia Experience

14 July 2014

Back to life, back to reality, back in Austria (vienna) ...
Check-in at Bari Airport! So sad to leave Puglia! It was a great and wonderful experience. I guess (hope) I will be back soon! :* Ciao bella italia!
Can't leave just yet; promised to write some cards... 25 to be exact! :/
Just checked in at Boston Hotel ... Sleep is for the weak ;) hahah XD going to the trainstation for some drinks ( the only bar that is open)

13 July 2014

An amazing journey doesn't end just here... Going to catch the bus to Bari! Pickup tomorrow 10.30 am so I should be good ;)
Having a snack at the bar and dancing through the night! It's our last!!!
We were organising a party on our own... Down there in the middle of Polignano!
Having a Spritz!
Exploring Polignano a mare, famous for the RedBull cliff diving competition.
From Ugento to Polignano a mare for some cliff diving ;)

12 July 2014

So sad it's our last days... Cheers
Learning how to prepare and cook mackerels the Italian Way... In another Masseria known for Slow Green philosophy!
Back to the apartamento now for a quick shower and then off to a Fish Farm...
Looking forward to this afternoon ... Although it is just so beautiful her.
A light seafood lunch ... At lido Malibu.
This Morning i Went Horse riding on the Beach ... wow
The most beautiful beach and water I have ever seen. Torre San giovanni in Ugento. :)
Rooftop breakfast at Ugento :3

11 July 2014

Having another 3 course Italian meal in the night.
Learning how to make typical Pasticciotto in Galantina's pastry making lab Eros.
Santa Catharina from Allesandria of Egypt.
Driving from Ugento (our home for the next two days) to Galatina...
Visiting Galatina's Cathedral...
Loved the secluded island as well. It's like paradise. Preserve it!
Leaving from Porto Cesario to catch some fish and go swimming. Luckily we caught some otherwise no lunch ;) ... This region here is te biggest fish and water preserve and research centres in Italy. Ecotourism and teaching classes are big thing here now!
Leaving Ostuni for Gallipoli to catch some fish.

10 July 2014

Eating typical local meat products ... Italian food is the best! :) but it is soooo late!
Giuseppe Roma's Workshop ... Making wooden pasta spoons from Olive Wood...
Exploring Ostuni - the white city!
Stopping at Masseria Monte d' oro for lunch and bit of relaxing.
Biking along the longest European aqueduct to see the trulli - typical shepherd's huts.
Driving to Locorotondo...
Restaurant Bina in Locorotondo.

9 July 2014

Exploring beautiful Laterza.
Gravina di Laterza.
Learning about the agricultural life in Italy and cheese making. And yes I ate it all...
Staying at the Masseria Madonna sell' Assunto - an agricultural teaching farm.

8 July 2014

Didactic farm hotel...
Back to Foggia again...
Bit of relaxing before the ferry comes.
Snorkelling and chilling in the boat.
At the diving center...
Island hopping on the archipelago...
Tremiti Island with it's religious roots of warrior monks. Most beautiful crystal clear waters.
On the ferry off to an island :)
On the road again ... Off to the seaside! :)
Starting from Hotel Europa ... Off to the coast!
Hotel Europa in Foggia.

7 July 2014

On the way to Foggia...
Photospot in the middle of nowhere. Interviews and lots of fun in the fields admiring the beautiful sunset.
Exploring the streets of Boviano.
Boviano ti amo...
Best food ever in La Cantina in Bovino. You haven't tasted cheese until now.
Ziplining in the morning in the hillsides and forest of dauniaavventura park.
...on the road
Waiting for the bus... Finally on our way! :)
After a short night, we hitting the road really early! It is just 7 am -.-
The Italian airport in Rome is a bit of a mess. Delays and cancellations. We finally made it into our hotel Adria.
Nice little welcome package we got from the guys from MyPugliaExperience. :)

6 July 2014

Patiently waiting for my check-in to open and the others to arrive.
Taking the CAT from Landstrasse to the Airport. 16 minutes is well fast.