Netherlands · 88 Days · 8 Moments · July 2016

My job, my life

18 October 2016

Daan!! 😍 The loveliest one-eyed kitten this season.

19 September 2016

Someone is really happy I'm back at work! 😻

22 August 2016

When you are the only child, you turn into a tiny, fat teddy cat 😂

20 August 2016

Baby love!

17 August 2016

It's not just cats, but also this amazing HUGE bunny 🐰❤️
Back from her foster family and completly healed, Ferelith does not appreciate change. She turned into a real grumpy diva-witch! It is a good thing she is beautiful 😉

5 August 2016

At our shelter, we also have TNR- projects. After surgery, the cats get a few days to recover and are then returned to where they're from. Not all cats are easily captured however... Sometimes, we need to think INSIDE of the box 😝

23 July 2016