Europe, North America · 24 Days · 115 Moments · June 2016

My home ❤️ Italy

19 July 2016

Italy was the most beautiful, culturally rich, kind, loving, peaceful place I have ever been. Everything was so full of life. The weather, the music, the food, the architecture, and the people were outstanding. Nothing could ever compare to Italy. I am so thankful I got the opportunity to experience this wonderful place. I can not wait to return! xx • fino a quando ci incontriamo di nuovo • xx

29 June 2016

Selfie on top of Pisa 😁
Walking out of Pisa 👋🏾
Baptistery at Pisa
On top of the Tower of Pisa
Leaning tower of Pisa 😍
Gas Station
Buying Pizza in Florence, Italy. 😬😝
Touching the Nose is good luck! People come to see this attraction from all over the world.
Love Locks ❤️
Remake of the David
Exploring Florence
Taking a break 😋
Street art
Shopping in Florence, Italy.
High fashion shopping 💁🏽
The cars in Europe in general are so small!

28 June 2016

Me and my mom at the Roman Colosseum 👩‍❤️‍👩
The legend of how Rome came to be begins with a women putting two of her unwanted new born children in a basket and placing them in a river. Along the way they get picked up by a she wolf. She decides to raise them and take care of them until they are grown. When they come of age they decide to make a city! Therefore the symbol for the city of Rome is two infants being cared for by a she wolf.
Vatican City
You must cover your knees and shoulders in order to enter the Vatican Chapels. This is for respect.
Inside The Vatican Chapel
Trevi Fountain 💙
Throwing a coin in the fountain 😁
More of the Trevi Fountain 😊
Walking down the inside halls of the Colosseum
Roman Colosseum
Outside the spectacular Roman Colosseum 🙌🏾
More views of the Colosseum
Driving to Rome, Italy!

27 June 2016

The still active and threatening Mt. Vesuvius.
Behind me is the city of Pompeii still standing under the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius.
Perfectly preserved bodies of humans and animals were extracted from the site.
Some more saved artifacts.
Saved Pottery
Chillin on some 2,000 year old carved stone.
Artsy Feels
What a cute water fountain! 😗
The old overgrown streets.
2,000 year old graffiti.
Details Details!
This is the remainder of what was a large hot tub and steam room.
The cubbies are old lockers for the men when they went to the gym.
Ceiling of the pool room. The preserved detail is amazing!
Pillars Part 2
Giant sculptures surround the city.
Where the houses stood.
Walking up the main show theater coliseum.
Pillars Part 1
The ancient art is absolutely breath taking!
Finally here!! Pompeii, Italy
Local Living - Naples, Italy

26 June 2016

Making Friends 😋
Espresso ☕️
Sicilian Pride 🤘🏽
Cigarette Machine
Beautiful Art
Cobble Stone Streets
Mobile Candy Shop
Italian Liquor
Pizza & Wine
Feeding the pigeons.
Cannoli 🙌🏾
The food was amazing and the wine was outstanding!!! This will go down as one of the best meals I have EVER had!!
Local Street Vendors
Chapel - Italian Mass
Fountain in the middle of the main square.
The buildings are such beautiful colors!
Street Feels
Carriage ride through the main city.
Clock • Fountain • Chapel
Street views
My breakfast view of Sicily, Italy.