Italy · 10 Days · 13 Moments · December 2015

My Venice Experience!

28 December 2015

I saw this picture in my Instagram feed. This is a beautiful picture of Venice that could never happen. But imagine if it could? How would Venice deal with such a thing as the canals frozen? I really enjoyed being on this trip and taking this course, I learned so much about Venice and its history! Thanks so much the opportunity!

23 December 2015

The during free time in Venice, this was the best meal I had in Venice. Pasta with fish and shrimp in tomato sauce, it was really good. Got to explore the of Entrata/Uscita. It was very quiet and less busy. Went to a caffe and walked the center of the area with shops and tent markets. I got to cross the Caltrava Bridge, the most recent and modern that spans across the Grand Canal. I think it's my favorite bridge there! The Galleries Dell'Accademia was beautiful museum we visit with all those amazing painting of the cultural heritage of Italian that we learned in class, especially the Venetian Art.

22 December 2015

I was excited to ride the train to Vicenza! I love trains. Vicenza was awesome place to visit, so much architecture to explore and see! Palladio was such an amazing architect, his buildings were so grand. The theatre in person was breathe taking and the Piazza del Castello was a work of art. It's crazy that it was just place for gathers and not a residence, I would love to live there. I took a picture inside, I know I wasn't suppose to, but couldn't help myself, shhh! The Palladio was educational and I love the facts and architectural models throughout, wish I could have one of those for myself!

21 December 2015

Burano was my favorite area of Venice, it was so colorful and full of life. But very calm and homely. Everybody seems so happy and excited to be there and it was situated away from the main area of Venice while was nice. The churches were beautiful to see and experience and person. They created some masterpieces it's unbelievable. And that gold in the sanctuary, just beautiful!
Lazzaretto Nuovo - the quarantine island for the plague. It was definitely interesting to visit this island with such crazy background! It's was very isolated from the rest of Venice and a bit creepy might I add. I wouldn't want to be stuck on that island, so I couldn't imagine haven't to be quarantine for 40 days, that is if you make it out alive. That mask! Omg! So creepy! I don't know how the plague Doctor worn that mask, it was interesting to say the less! I would love to know who created that mask, so different. It was cool to see the inscriptions of the communication on the walls during those times. So much history there...
Just scrolling through Venice a dream of its own. It's so different from what I'm use to especially being surrounded by water and bridges and canals at every turn. Architecture everywhere that's amazing, but it's just the way of life there!

20 December 2015

The judicial system and the prisons! One of a kind. Venice judicial system is so different and unique. There was a room for everything and it was so elaborate. Just being in those rooms it felt like power! They were definitely the elite in Venice, that created, maintained and executed the rules!
The map! The highlight of the trip. I wish I could have my own copy of one. I would look at for hours, I could never create something like that, it's unremarkable! I love maps and geography, so that was something amazing to see, especially after we learned about it in class this semester! Venice is full of amazing and valuable art and architecture.
Art and beautiful what more can I say. It's nothing like visiting to see it first hand. It's just so amazing, and to know people did things things all the time! I want a house with just architecture and art work like these beauties.
The tower! Too bad I didn't get a chance to go. The center was great to watch, it was so much going on, like running santa's who knew! The pigeons in Venice definitely are noticeable and put of the population, especially on the plaza. It was a great experience.
San Marco! That's where it was happening. I think it's the grand area of Venice, I loved the scenery there. The architecture, the plazas and bridges and canals everywhere with shops and peoples. The museums were beautiful and exciting to see in person. It's so different from viewing it on a screen.

19 December 2015

Lido! This is where we stay during our time in Venice. It was away from all the hustle and bustle of the main island of Venice. Quiet and relaxing area. Hotel Cristallo was a nice place to stay and the staff was amazing and kind.
My first water taxi ride! I wasn't a big fan of the water taxis. It was definitely a long ride to the hotel! And I don't like that it's the only model of transport to get there. Maybe I'm just too impatient, huh?