8 Days · 3 Moments · March 2018

My daily travels - Luleå 2/3-18

9 March 2018

3 March 2018

These are the pictures I took on our train 🚊 back home to Örnsköldsvik. It took 4 hours and we had to really try to stay awake and keep the excitement up. We were so tired. But we WON!!! There were two in our class of Cheerdance who competed. And we took the first place. We only compete against ourself so we would have been happy with any placement but this was a bit extra exciting. It’s a picture of my team with one person missing, the one taking the picture. We had an amazing time, I loved 💖 the trip. I’m the one in the middle, with grey hoddie. Puss
This was at the competition, which was the main reason we were traveling. To compete in CHEERDANCE Pom Freestyle, level 2. And it was filled with beautiful bows from LUCHUR and it felt like we were in heaven. I bought one small, like on the second picture to put on my bag 💼 and fill out the collection. My goal is to buy one at each competition, and this is really going to be one to remember because we WON (!!!) The were all different kinds of colours 💙💚💛🧡❤️💜💖🎆🎇 Puss

2 March 2018

So we stayed at the Clarion Sence hotel in Luleå. It was so very beautiful and a very nice service as well as cozy, calm rooms. We stayed two and two so I shared room with Matilda, a friend from my team. We just stayed one night, although we did have time to enjoy the room and just rest up. Filled with excitement for what to come the next day we took a quick 🚿 and went straight to 🛏.